View Full Version : Missing Naxx - Weak for Ulduar

06-16-2009, 03:29 AM
Here is my story.. Once upon a time...

Ok, scrap that - Seriously though, I pugged Naxx 10 with a raid guilds alts. And I impressed, I applied to join them, despite my level of gear, and they took me on trial. I cleared the back end of naxx on a Tuesday night that they had left over.

Following that run, after picking up 2 epics from 4 Horses and Sapphiron. Also receiving a gift of the 60 valor tanking bracers. I was promoted to member.

This guild is raiding Ulduar 25 3 nights a week. Ulduar 10 on the other night, and clearing Naxx 25 on the thursday.

This is my problem, I cannot raid thursdays, at all... Ever.. It's just a day I cannot raid. And that is the only raid that I could actually get in, as I am undergeared for Ulduar 25/10.

Also, I have tried pugging Naxx 10/25, but the furthest we ever get is 2 wings.

So I am kind of stumped, how else can I get upgrades? :\

06-16-2009, 04:26 AM
Get as much epic gear as you can get from heroics. It's ilevel 200, same as Naxx10, so should be enough to at least OT Ulduar. You only need Naxx25 gear for Ulduar25. The Vault of Archavon is also a great way to get some gear, if the RNG favours you. At the very least you'll get some emblems to buy more gear with. Maybe investigate crafted items too: you really need a helm with a meta slot, for example. The Austere Earthsiege Diamond is a significant boost to your mitigation.

You should also get mining and JCing capped ASAP. Those two professions will boost your stamina significantly when maxed. Don't forget to get your sword and bracers enchanted as well.