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06-15-2009, 08:46 PM
I recently watched Cider's superb video on movement and positioning (http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Ciderhelm&view=videos&start=20), and have been practicing some of the techniques in heroics. The psychological benefit from the feeling of increased control over the encounter is worth its weight in gold, or a donation, which I just did. Thanks Cider!

Question though: I notice that when you use the technique of overlapping your hitbox with the center of the boss's hitbox, the boss actually turns it's back to you and walks away a few secs, before turning back again. Does it stop hitting you while its back is turned? Eg, is this a viable mitigation tactic, to continuously edge toward the boss throughout the fight?

06-15-2009, 10:10 PM
No, it will still hit you and it will even show it's graphic swinging while not facing you at all. I wonder if the mob's back is considered facing you on the combat table, though?

06-16-2009, 09:40 AM
kurt which video is it exactly? Theres 30 of em there

06-16-2009, 09:53 AM
He's talking about:
this video

And I was wondering the same thing as Rak, whether the game could assume the boss is behind you, just because the direction the boss is facing.

Edit: rofl, I couldn't insert a link without embedding the video >.<

06-16-2009, 09:21 PM
Edit: rofl, I couldn't insert a link without embedding the video >.<
Yup, that's why I posted the link to the video list page instead, it broke the first sentence of my post and put the rest of the post all the way at the bottom of the video.

Breakwind, it's just the video on the page I linked titled 'TankSpot's Tanking Reference: Positioning and Movement'. Not that it matters now that Mol posted it here though.

Good question though, if you can eliminate boss parry's from its combat table by doing this. I have a hunch you can't, though. If the boss can hit you with its back turned, it can probably parry too. And it can dodge attacks from behind as well.