View Full Version : New Neck pieces - worth it?

06-15-2009, 05:00 AM
Hmmm… I was wondering how the new neck pieces available with the arrival of ulduar are faring vs the old itemlevel 226 neckpieces from kel'thuzad and malygos…

I'm basically seeing my hit and expertise diminish every time I upgrade my gear a little. I'm lucky enough to own both Boundless Ambition and the Nexus War Champion Beads. So far I've been nicely using the extra stamina on the malygos quest neck - however having dipped under the magic hit and expertise numbers in such a way I can't solve it with a foodbuff anymore I figured I'd have a look at the badge of conquest neck and the Ulduar 25 trash drop. At first glance both of the new neck pieces strike me as filler pieces for those that didn't get the previous ilevel 226 items. Having only taken a better look a little while ago I noticed the large amounts of dodge I seemingly overlooked when I first spotted them.
For the sake of comparing I'll put the hit/expertise benefits on par (which they're not completely but hey)

The question is - does 43 dodge rating outweigh 336 armor?
My first inclination is to still go for Boundless ambition, seeing there's plenty of dodge on most other Ulduar gear. I suck at the math of things, and this, of course comes down to avoidance vs effective health. Currently I'm planning my 'average' tank set with good effective health and avoidance and as much threat stats as I can put in there. But I'm curious about your opinions - share away!

06-17-2009, 06:43 PM
A percent of dodge for the loss of less than .5 armor seems like an obviously good trade.