View Full Version : Question on SBV/SB set vs avoidance set

06-12-2009, 04:25 PM
Everyone knows that blocking 2k off a 24k hit is next to meaningless. However, I am curious if anyone has put together a full SBV/SB set with the best items available, and how much pure avoidance this set sacrifices over a non-block set. Could there be a point when diminishing returns makes an avoidance set not give enough extra avoidance over a block set that block could become viable?

We've seen that block sets can be fun for tanking trash or lower tier content, but pretty much are ineffective for top-level encounters.

If anyone has a a block set, would you please provide your avoidance and SBV/SB information? Also if you could include if this is unbuffed/selfbuffed or raid buffed. Also, if you are a warrior or paladin.

I've searched for but been unable to locate this information so far, but if anyone knows if this has already been done please provide a link if possible.