View Full Version : Starting out as a tank...Tips? Advice?

06-12-2009, 12:20 PM
I recently jumped with a few friends to play on a Rp server (Moonguard) and I'm the tank of our group (Draenei Prot. Paladin - Rexii). The rest of my small group consists of a Fury Warrior (Our DPS) and a Resto Druid with occasionally help from a Hunter friend.

At the moment I'm level 30 and while I'm not new to WoW (Have a level 80 Warlock on different server) I've not played a melee class or tank seriously and I want to be successful in my endeavors so I'm asking for any tips or tricks that all you professional tanks might have for me.

I PvE'd my way through on my Warlock in 99% quests, 1% instants but on my Paladin I'm wanting to explore more of what the game has to offer as far as instants and PvP. I've started dabbling in both and my small group has successfully cleared through all the starting instances up to Gnomer, but I'm trying to prepare for the big leagues early I guess you could say. :D