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06-10-2009, 04:07 PM
Hey there

I am playing my Warrior mainly as prot, but as I love to DPS aswell, I spec arms when ever i can or it is required by my guild. Latelly I have been wondering if could do better with the gear I have at hand though, in order to max my raid performance as arms.

I have seen quite a few different suggestions on when to gem for ArP (at 30% arp from gear alone, at 3200 ap ub etc.), and would like a confirmation on what to trust.

My current UB stats are:
3627 AP
231 Hit
36.51% crit
22 exp
13.32% ArP
Weapon: BoH with berserking.
Trinkets: mirror + bandits

Currently I am gemmed solely for Str, with a few str/crit gems for bonusses where they are worth going for. And my main question is if switching to ArP will be an DPS increase. Atm I would gain 96 ArP by regemming without screwing bonusses at the loss of the same amount of str, and another 54Arp if I go for ArP only at the loss of 28str, 20crit, 12 stam and 4exp .

Another thing is my weapon, as mentioned I am using BoH atm, but I got Stormedge lying in the bank. Even though it has a a lower DPS, it have str and ArP, which makes me wonder if it would be an upgrade.

My last question is reguarding my rotation. I currently seem to slam quite alot (roughly getting 10% of my dmg from slams) and not using HS at all, is this the best way to go? And in adition what to do after 20%, currently just staying with my rotation, leaving out slams for non SD'ed exes though, is this the right way to go?

I am currently pulling around 4-5k DPS in 25 mans on non gimmick fights, how is this considdering my stats?

Any other comments on my stats, rotation etc. are most welcome.

Thanks in advance

06-10-2009, 08:17 PM
Do not gem for arp till you get 30% off your gear alone. You shoul dnot be useing HS that much. The only time you should use HS is if you have 70+ rage, MS is on cooldown, no SD procs, no OP procs, then you can HS with your slams...