View Full Version : Which Fringe Talents?

06-10-2009, 03:34 PM
As I'm getting out of heroics more I'm juggling the last few talent points and where they are best spent. I'm trying to decide merits of these 4 talents

-Gag Order
-Improve Spell Reflection
-Armored to the Teeth
-Anger Management

It seems like Gag Order should be in every build, but I've not found much mention of it, save that see that Xav and Ciderhelm have it. Do most have it in their builds they use for 10 and 25 man content?

Right now Armored to the Teeth gives me 132 attack power, so it doesn't seem like a big buff. Could +3 to crit be better? or is the baseline increase worth it?

I've gotten conflicting opinions on the use of Improved Spell Reflection. Is it worth keeping over Gag Order?

Anger Management will net probably around 5-7 rage on non-boss encounters, not to mention the rage kept moving between trash. Its probably around 40+ extra rage per boss encounter. Seems at only one talent point its not high up there as a nice to have, yet its never discussed as if its worthless? Why is this?

06-10-2009, 03:56 PM
- You're right, usually gag order is a given that's why people don't talk about it much, while the silence effect is not very useful against raid bosses, it is very nice for trash/heroics, and the shield slam increase alone is worth it.

- Someone did the math and depending on gear level, you probably want to take AttT over Cruelty. Crit doesn't scale that well for prot warriors, while AttT gets really nice with tank level armor. With 3 points in APP, you get 132 AP with only 7920 armor, so I'm pretty sure your math is a bit off here.

- I wouldn't take imp reflect over gag order, just because of the shield slam damage bonus, and because imp spell reflect is very situational. It's nice if you'er having trouble with the spell damage on a specific encounter, or if your healers are getting pwned by direct magical damage (malygos?), but that's about it.

- Anger Management is not too bad, but in my personal opinion it's not worth taking a point out of AttT, which is the common filler for a cookie cutter deep wounds spec. It could be nice on low rage situations, but that's about it.

The thing is, if you're going for a deep wounds spec, you need 15 points in arms, and you need 53-54 points in prot to cover the basics. so you only end up with 2-3 points to spare, which most ppl put in AttT, but it is nice to adapt depending on what you need and the encounter you are working on.