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06-10-2009, 01:51 PM
Hi Tankspot, new poster.

I've recently swapped my moonkin dual-spec to a feral tanking spec because our guild is down a tank these days.


(Apologies if my armory appears to be in healer gear...)

My basic stats are:

30.5k hp unbuffed
~34% dodge unbuffed
~27k armor unbuffed

(is there another important stat for druids that I'm missing?)

What's my next step in terms of gear? Our warrior tank was making fun of my dodge % (in jest, but still it makes me wonder -- what am I missing compared to a Warrior with 29k hp, dodge+parry+block=65%? He's one of our Ulduar tanks though... I'm obviously not at that level after two weeks of running heroics)

NOTE: I am aware that I am missing a couple of chants (10 stats to chest, mongoose on weapon, and agility to hands). I'm helping a hacked guildie regear, so I'm trying not to burn cash on enchanting gear I might be replacing soon. If that's what my major weakness is though I'll get on it.

Basically what I want to know is if I'm going to get laughed at/yelled at/cause a 25 man naxx to fall apart if I try to MT/OT/etc. If I am, am I safe for 10 man? How about Sarth, Maly, or VA?


06-10-2009, 03:25 PM
well welcome to the tankspot mate,
dont listen to the warrior fullstop. because they can parry,block etc. they will always top the mitgation ur a bear u either dodge an attack or hit an take the hit well.. once ur geared mate u'll find that u will be of more use on boss encounters.

First of ur stats seem fine(only saw caster gear on yer link), now saying that i wouldnt go trying to MT the more end game boss's but you should do fine as an offtank while u gear up.
Armor was massive for us back in BC but with the changes not as heavy anymore but any extra is nice but isnt the end all anything over 26k an ur making a good start.
dodge is our only mitigation yes but dont be too over the top with it since most encounters have a spell/ability type that hits no matter the dodge %.
now what i get from what ur saying is ur picking things up on runs that no1 else wants or are upgrdes to ur tank gear, keep that up will help ye in the long run.
my idea on enchants is usually dont blows half ur gold on something u could replace within the week. even at that moongoose i can see the appeal but dont see the worth of it try get the +35 agility enchant from burning crusade will help u more.
Dont worry to heavyilly on agility its a nice bonus to the stuff u have but stamina above agility since u need to take a hit and survive. if ur struggling on threat building etc. try get the +2% threat enchant works well if u need it.. also dont pass up the oppurtunity at some expertise, hit gear that improves ur stats.
If you need some extra stam gear to help you on boss fights head straight for wintergrasp to get ur filler gear (boots, belt etc.) 15 tokens per item which has alot of stamina.

again hope this helps, good luck mate.
welcome to Tankspot


06-11-2009, 05:57 AM
Cool thank you Pnut!

I'll be off-tanking a Naxx 10 tonight, so we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to be the Patchwerk hateful sponge, so I'm going to "stam up" and see how it goes.

A guildie and I went back and 2 manned Kara (dual druids ftw) for enough badges of justice to pick up the Idol of Terror, and I picked up the Essence of Gossamer yesterday as well. Hopefully those two will give me a quick boost before getting into Naxx.

Armory should be wearing my tanking gear now -- any suggestions?

06-12-2009, 01:08 AM
hey again no worries.. now ur gear looks ok to start offtanking with enough stats for some fights where u can shift to cat for some extra raid dps.
Few little recommendations for your tank stuff if you can try pick yourself up a durable nurubian cloak its a boe pattern mine lasted me forever until the tanking cloak in nax 25 dropped. As for rings try rope some guildies into runing heroic DTK with you till u get the keystone ring, its a very hard to replace piece an makes a lovely edition to a tanking set plus keep it for a avoidence set, keep your deflection band its a nice piece till u get the gatekeeper or similar once ur into 25man.
As for geming i would get rid of the gems u have an just put stam in for now so u got more hp to play with.. cant tank while dead :)
Your shoulders are nice if u wanna put some more stam in but an alternative is trollwoven i liked them for a long time.

apart from that looks like your all ready to go :)
good luck on your tanking tonite.