View Full Version : Improving Spell Reflect

06-10-2009, 11:58 AM
I am not referring to the talent. But this would be nice to change this.

When thinking of someone trying to kill a dragon there is the typical image of a warrior holding his shield up to block the fire.

Why not modify the current ability to be something like this.

Make it spell (deflection) since you are deflecting it away instead of reflecting it back. Give it a cooldown similar to shield block. Yes it would be something else to mash. But you maybe theoretically holding the shield differently to deflect a magical attack then a physical attack. I disagree with combining the two abilities.

This would give us better magical mitigation since we have the lowest EH of all the other tanks.

The improved talent would allow for spells to be reflected back at the caster.

The current spell relfect is almost useless except for given fights. Mimirons Plasma Blast, SteelBreaker's Fusion Punch, Razorscale's Breath, should be able to be reflected or at least mitigated in someway by the current form but it is not.

Our current band-aid with our tier bonus is not enough.

I think modifying a current ability to have more utility would be a better idea then adding another cooldown.