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06-10-2009, 09:02 AM
So, my guild has a DKP system that actually works pretty well, I just wish there was a cap on how much dkp you could earn but it still works well. As far as offspec... not too many problems even though we're allowed to roll on offspec but there are times people roll without really thinking. But we used to have to bid the minimum amount for offspec items so it's still better than what it was since everything just got sharded. I now kind of wish you had to bid a small amount, enough to keep someone from getting something they won't use.

The big problem was last night on Emalon... thankfully from my perspective it turned out well but the spell power Furious ring dropped and I was shocked to see some of the people that rolled on it. Was thankful someone in my arena teams won it that I know pvp's more than I do (I never pvp'd much on my warrior but i've started getting serious about it on my resto shammie, without much experience since I rolled her last January i'm not doing too bad now)... but I was pretty angry that I see people rolling who after looking at their armory have 3000 HK's on toons they have had since pre-BC... and no arena teams.

I said something to one of the officers that there should be some kind of regulation on the pvp gear... besides our GM suggesting people not rolling on stuff that'll sit in their bags. He made a sad face and said yeah and I don't think he really had a good answer for what could be done if anything.

How do you make rolling on pvp fair? I would have most definitely paid DKP for the ring that dropped... but still, i'm so glad someone that had pvp'd a long time got something he can really use and that put him over 800 resilience, yay him :p

06-10-2009, 09:57 AM
Not sure if there is a best way. We use DKP also in my guild, we also have alot of PvP players that have arena teams. I'm only a occasional BGer. So I think your GM should defer it to those that can use it the most. In VoA, we don't have to use our points except on Tier items that drop(PvE). I know most of the items(guess rings excluded) are class specific, so if it was say a warrior piece and one of the other warriors in my guild that PvP'ed more needed it I would certainly pass. But that's sort of on your GM and guild rules you guys go by. But some people are greedy and would rather have it, just to have it then actually need it to use.

06-10-2009, 10:12 AM
Well and part of the problem is I got a bit excited when I saw the ring and I joked,"Hey, can I bid DKP on that???"

Suddenly you see some people that NEVER pvp not even thinking about it and getting rolls in before people that pvp and arena all the time, seriously you've been playing the same toon since WoW began, have 3000 HK's yet you need Furious gear that's best suited for arena?? Um... ok...

I talked to my GM about it and I don't blame him... I know it's hard to dictate who deserves pvp gear and who doesn't. Sigh... at least karma won out last night :) Someone that has lost rolls several times on pvp gear got it and he's got like 40K lifetime HK's... I was still disappointed for myself but he deserves it more anyway.

06-10-2009, 03:13 PM
We just /roll on both pve and pvp gear. Emalon is just a perk, if you pve, you can get the gear he drops from Ulduar, and if you pvp, you can just as easily get the pvp gear he drops from arena yourself.

And if you don't have the pve progress or the arena rating to get the gear he drops after the patch being out for so long, then well, you probably don't absolutely need that gear anyway.

But I have to say that rolling on gear that you'll never use is extremely rude and greedy. When my guild does a VoA run, I never roll on pvp gear since well, I don't pvp, and it doesn't really make sense to deprive others of items they will use regularly. Your guild would be better off if your guildies understood that and had pvper prio on pvp gear or something.

Right now it seems like an item drops, and most of the people who are rolling are just thinking "oh shiny, im going to roll on it because I can equip it!", like the "it's a hunter item" stereotype.

06-10-2009, 04:47 PM
Similar stuff happens in my guild... Emalon dropped the 2000 rating melee cloak twice. First time I rolled a 95, someone else rolled a 99. Lost the roll on the second drop too. Both people had <100 HKs and didn't PVP at all... one of them was a holy paladin. I was pretty pissed.

I don't think using DKP to bid on PVP gear is the right 'solution' though. Then you'd have people that purposely avoid all PVE upgrades just to save DKP for PVP drops from Vault, which doesn't help the raid at all.

06-10-2009, 10:33 PM
for voa we use dkp for pve loots (main spec), pvp gear are all /roll, but it hasn't caused much issue cos people who doesn't pvp pass even if they win the roll. I guess we are lucky to have people in guild who actually think before looting.

I don't think using DKP to bid on PVP gear is the right 'solution' though. Then you'd have people that purposely avoid all PVE upgrades just to save DKP for PVP drops from Vault, which doesn't help the raid at all.

and totally agree with that.

06-11-2009, 02:05 AM
We just roll for Emalon stuff because it's not on our main agenda. It proved too difficult to organise it so it worked well with the rest of our schedule, so we quit that and mostly just PUG it.

PVP gear its just a matter of the ML stating very clearly that it needs to be something you'll use. After that its just honor and good sense amongst the guild.