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06-10-2009, 06:42 AM
Right... So I'm tanking 5man hc's and some 10man raids without problems.

I rarely have any issues regarding tanking though I'd like to find out if my current tank config is min/maxed or decent.

Read a lot about avoidance and block blah blah, though I'm still confused.

Could some1 please inspect my armory here Jaded (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Chamber+of+Aspects&cn=Jaded&gn=Hells+Angels) and if possible explain where I can improve and why.

Like I said, I'm doing fine so far, but I'm sure I'm missing something.

06-10-2009, 07:10 AM
Looking over your armory, it seems fairly standard. A few mentions here though:

Chest – Change to the Defense enchant. It helps more for swapping gear, and provides about half a percent in avoidance.

Cloak – Defense Enchant for the same reason as the chest enchant.

Shoulder – Currently there is no enchant on these at all. Work on Sons of Hodir, but there is a shoulder enchant with 30 Stamina from Wintersgrasp that is a good alternative in the interim.

Boots – 22 Stamina is cheap and is an improvement over the armor kit.

Gloves – Armsman is a good glove enchant as you are gearing up, and as your DPS out gears you (Which can happen quite frequently in pugs) it helps make up any possible issues there.

Now, for talents:

I recommend either a 12/53/6 build or a 0/53/18 build. I like the latter a lot, personally, and you can look up my character for the build of it I use.

Reckoning really isn’t terribly good anymore, so you can easily drop that, when you need to go deeper into the Prot Tree, you can go with Improved Hammer of Justice, or Divine Sacrifice, or a couple points in Divinity. All are options, I prefer Hammer due to the cool down, as I find it very helpful in a lot of encounters. Any heroic, most trash, and several raid bosses have “Stun Friendly” portions (Sartharion adds, Malygos Sparks, Anub’s adds, Gluth Zombies, anything on Gothik, Auriaya’s Feral Defender, Ignis’ constructs, anything but Sentinels on Razorscale, Rubbles on Kologarn, Stormcaller Brundir, Thorim phase one, adds on Freya, Bots on Mimiron, etc…). However, these three points are “Discretionary Points” and can be used almost anywhere as it doesn’t affect the tree much beyond getting you deeper.

Divinity really isn’t very strong, and can be skipped.

Judgments of the Just however is one of our best tanking talents, you should get this.

Spiritual Attunement, unless you are having serious mana issues, can be dropped to a single point.

Similarly, Improved Judgments can also be dropped to a single point as, due to global cool down issues, an 8 second Judgment isn’t going to help you due to the 96969 rotation.

06-10-2009, 07:11 AM
Yes, you did miss the one or other thing. No worries. =]


titansteel helm/boots?
shoulder enchant missing -> sons of hodir
cloak enchant -> def or armor
boots enchanted with 18 sta, 22sta enchant is cheap.
Mongoose is not as strong for a pally as for a warrior, we get less procs. I'd recommend getting a titanium weapon chan for +hit for your sword and then make a decision for a more expensive enchant like accuracy or blood draining when you get a big weapon upgrade.


Your points in the holy tree are sub-optimal. Put those points in to +crit in the retributino tree instead.
You need only 1/2 imp Judgement (Also only 1/2 spiritual attunment but I kept 2/2 myself).
Divinity is a filler talent, don't waste points unless you need them to get up the protection tree.
Reckoning is not effective. White damage does not benefit from your Righteous Fury threat multiplier. Spare points should go to the retribution tree.
Judgement of the Just is a must have. This gives your target 20% reduced melee attack speed, significantly reducing your incomming damage.


Drop Shield of the Righteous for Seal of Venegance.
Shield reduces mana cost which is not likely to be an issue.
Seal grants you 10 expertise which is extremely valuable.
Get Sense Undead instead of one of the blessing glyphs. More damage = good.

Level your Jewelcrafting, you are missing out on the bonus stats from it.

06-10-2009, 07:54 AM
Will get on it ASAP.
Thanx a million for the tips, knew I missed things.