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06-10-2009, 03:28 AM
Hello fello tanks :)

Due to the nature of Heroic Strike and the near-unlimited rage situations I receive while MTing in Ulduar I have had some issues with how I use Heroic Strike and was hoping for some advice on fellow Protection Warriors and other seasoned tanks.

First of all, let me explain how I use Heroic Strike and some of the issues I face.

Most of the time, Heroic Strike is an ability that just constantly needs to be mashed, and in some situations there is no reason to ever see a white hit. Because of this, I use a few simple macros. Here is my bar set up for some of our important tanking abilities:

Number 1 - Taunt
Number 2 - Devastate/Heroic Strike Macro - It simply Devastates and then queues up a Heroic Strike when I have the rage for it.
Number 3 - Revenge/Heroic Strike Macro - Same as button 2 except it uses Revenge and I have a #tooltip command to show me when Revenge is up.
Number 4 - Shield Slam
Number 5 - Shield Block

Now, most of the time, there is no problems with these macros. I am constantly keeping Heroic Strike on queue while keeping Revenge on cooldown for Shield Slam procs and when Revenge is down and there is no Shield Slam proc I am using the Devastate macro for Shield Slam procs.

Some problems I have had seen and was looking for advice:

1. Even in those near unlimitated rage situations, I do see avoidance streaks and my rage is dropping low and I am using Heroic Strike with the macros when I should be using my temporarily limited rage elsewhere.

2. When I am not MTing or waiting to taunt (Thorim Hard mode is a good example of this), and I only need to focus on keeping Sunders up and watching for Shield Slam procs (including TC and Demo), I am using extra rage on Heroic Strikes when I should not be.

3. When I am hitting shield slam (button 4) or other moves that do NOT have the heroic strike macroed in, I am not heroic striking for that quick instant.

I understand as a general rule of thumb you want to always be heroic striking over 50 rage, but in those situations where you are rage starved or under 50 rage it is better to wait until you have the excess rage to dump off.

So I guess I am curious to how other Protection Warriors use Heroic Strike with their other abilities and more specifically what hotkeys they use to do it.

Also, if there is another thread that I can be pointed to feel free to remove this post and forgive me.

Thanks anyways and I really enjoy this site!

06-10-2009, 04:53 AM
Edit: Just found the link to the original thread (Heroic Strike macros (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f120/46429-heroic-strike-macros-general.html)) where this topic is discussed.

06-10-2009, 05:07 AM
Thank you, Ordin :)

I am going to make the HS macro to mousewheel as you suggested and begin practicing with it. Also checking out that thread.

06-10-2009, 12:12 PM
the old saying "know thy self", you are playing with the key setting that you comfortable with, when shit hits the fence, you know what key to push.

Edit: Heroic Strike is not mean to be spam...don't abuse it.