View Full Version : Need a gear check for UA build

06-09-2009, 10:17 AM
So my main spec is fury, but I have pretty much full 25man naxx and 10/25man ulduar tank gear, so I tank for our guild when needed (which is happening alot lately).

Since when I DO tank I usually do single target tanking, I decided to try the UA build to see what dps/threat I could pull.

I really only had the chance to try it on 25man vault last night, tanking Emalon, and I was averaging 5-6k TPS and 2.2-2.4k DPS. For any tanks that have more experience with this build, would this be average?

Also, taking advice from Ciderhelm's UA video, I got my avoidance up over 70%. Currently have unbuffed:
26.77% dodge
17.40% parry
31.31% block
For a total of 75.48% avoidance.

The only time revenge was NOT light up was during Emalon's Lightning Nova where he takes his time with that cast. I also was putting up sunders and demo shout, but other then that I was spamming revenge and HS non-stop without rage issues.

So, anyone who has more experience with this build, is there anything I should be changing around with my gear? Should I drop some avoidance for a threat piece?

Any advice to maximize this spec's potential will be greatly appreciated :)

I am currently logged out in my "UA tanking" set, and should be until later tonight when I go back to dps for 25man

06-09-2009, 11:27 AM
What type of bosses are you called to tank ? You pretty much have the jist of the UA build but I've found most of the bosses in ulduar are not UA friendly. They almost all have some type of cast effect where they're not swinging at you for some time or like XT an event where you're called to just beat on something.

If you want to up your dps with this build and revenge is always up gear attack power. So str gems and AP enchants.