View Full Version : Tank seeks help with spec & gear :)

06-08-2009, 04:05 PM
I recently got some upgrades, and thought I'd try some new enchants, gems, and spec. I offtanked a OS25+0, and died three times, i was wondering if that could be my spec or the healers fault :(

any help you could offer would be much appreciated :)

I'm currently trying to get gold to replace the agil enchant when i could (stupid RAWR said it would be good)

thank you in advance for the help,


06-08-2009, 05:47 PM
ok first of all, get rid of conviction, sanctity of battle and crusade - u dont need crit and the 3% dmg increase is not worth it

next, get touched by the light - spell dmg increased by ur stamina - that will increase ur threat more than the 3% dmg from crusade and increased crits

third - guarded by the light, 6% magic dmg reduction and u skipped it?? also it keeps ur divine plea continuously up - add that to glyph of divine plea (added in 3.1) and ur dmg reduction is increased by another 3%

finally - judgements of the just - decreases all melee attacks on the target u judge by 20% - thats a lot of dmg not done to u, ie: it takes longer for the mob to take a swing at u = less dmg taken overall

getting rid of the 3 talents i mentioned gives u 10 points to play with and u only need 7 for the next 3 talents i mentioned - that leaves u with 3 more points to play with however u like

06-08-2009, 06:09 PM
Xenogriff has a good point as to what talents you should take.

He's wrong as to what talents you should dump.

Lose those points in reckoning and sanctity of battle, and take judgements of the just, touched by the light and guarded by the light.

Doing that will not only make you survive a lot more, it will also make your threat go up a lot. (And it'll solve your mana issues.)
With your mana issues solved, you could consider dropping a point of Spiritual attunement, giving you two points left to do whatever you like with.

As for offtanking OS 3d, you need to remember how tricky it is.

Those fire elementals do fire damage, so your armor is useless. You shield isn't, though, so keep them in front of you.
If you get hit by a fire wall, you have a problem and could die.
If those fire elementals get hit by a fire wall, you have a problem and could die.