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06-08-2009, 08:18 AM
Fury is my offspec. I cannot seem to break 1.5k DPS atm. Trying to determine what I can do to help that. I use the rotation from maxdps.com - blood thirst, whirlwind - if the are on cooldown, heroic strike - slam on BT crit. Execute at 20%. The only difference is that I normally dont end up using execute on thrash - only on bosses. BTW, I am a clicker - not sure if that contributes some.

Armory dont show my gear atm - it shows my prot gear. I am at zerker stance all the time when fury.

Spiked titansteel helm (24 stam and 17 crit meta gem)
The severed noose of westwind (16 crit gem)
Pauldrons of the lightening Revenant (12 strength gem)
Cloak of gushing wound
Breastplate of Undeath
Bands of the stoneforge
Gauntlets of the culling
Flame-bathed steel girdle (12 strength gem I believe)
Legplates of Bloody reprisal
Death-Inured sabatons (24 stam and 12 strength)
Band of the forsted thorns
Mobius band
Anvil of titans
PVP trinket that gives 95 crit rating (cant remember name)
Drake-mounted crossbow
Clossal skull-clad cleaver
Sword of justice (16 expertise)

Crit rating is 30% in zerker, attack power is 2979, hit is 293, haste is 148, armor pen is 90, exp is 0.25%

So, what can I do increase my dps?

06-08-2009, 08:38 AM
Get lots more expertise and crit. That's your problem, you're getting parried or dodged a lot. And you need 35% crit at least.

06-08-2009, 08:45 AM
Should I gem expertise on all my red gems? Also, 293 ok for fury? I am running H UK constantly for the pants. But then I will loose the armor pen from the wyrmrest pants.