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06-05-2009, 06:05 AM
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So my DK and warrior are sitting fairly geared, and my druid tank is tanking VoA25 (big whoop, I know, but on my server PUGs have the failure rate of a wax paper spaceship), but I wanted to round it out with a paladin. However, I'm struggling a bit in heroics, and am kinda leery about trying raids.

On my pally tank, I've pretty much got the 96969 weave burned into my memory, but am still having some difficulties generating threat (generally around 3-3.5k TPS on tank-and-spank fights), as well as figuring when to use my other specials. What stats does Paladin threat scale best with? It seems they use a combination of Str/AP, SBV, and spell power (which is derived from stam, I know not to gem/gear for SP).

Also, is there a time to use Exorcism or Avenger's Shield in place of part of the 96969 rotation? Or just weave them in as needed and delay the rotation? When refreshing something (e.g. Sacred Shield when there is no healadin in the group) what is the best part of the rotation to drop first?

06-05-2009, 06:09 AM
I find myself using exo and holy frisbee in these situations:
1) not being hit so HS is pointless
2) many mobs and frisbee hitting more mobs than judgement and
3) when running to get into range for other abilities.

06-05-2009, 08:07 AM
Your 2 best threat stats are strength and hit (up to 265). From a gear perspective, block value is useful, but you also get that from strength which is why it scales so well. You could also add glyph of judgement which would give you a 10% boost in DPS/TPS per judgement (probably 3% overall increase). Get Armsman on your gloves (2% threat increase)

You can also pop a point out of spiritual attunement and put it in crusade for another 1% damage increase.

The titanium earthguard ring plus some dragonfin fillet and a strength potion is what I ran with at your item level. Plus, you will see strength go up by 100 or so in your next couple of gear upgrades.

I will occassionally use Exorcism in place of every other judgement in 9696 on undead mobs. You risk losing some mitigation there because judgements can miss and your 'judgement of the just' debuff could fall off. I will also do it when initial aggro is key (basically will spam my high damage abilities in order). Examples of that are like Razorscale when taunt is on a diminished return.