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06-02-2009, 10:37 PM
First off big hello =D
With the latest expansion and dual spec, it becomes harder and harder to put together a successful raid. So I just thought I would post some of things I like to see when I lead a raid, and things that will in turn make a raid run smoother, and more enjoyable for everybody.

If you are the raid leader:

Know your classes. Nothing will squash your credibility more than trying to demand something from a player that isn't remotely possible. However, there is no wrong with asking to be sure. A good way would be. Bill, your disengage ability throws you back, correct? , or, Sue, would you please set our healing assignments? This way, you don't have to feel overwhelemed with having to know EVERYthing. Tho eventually, you will pick up on a lot of the bigger details of how all the classes work, and may be able to set your own healing assignments etc.

Be direct, but not rude. Offer constructive critisism, if you must correct someone. What I normally would do is, Blank, I need for this to happen. If they fail, I'll politely ask them, ok what happened. What can I do/what assistance can I offer to help you do what I asked. Don't be afraid to get commanding, or even kick someone causing you major issue, after trying to settle things through discussion.
It's also wise to tell a short about 30 second overview of the encounter you're standing at, because there is always more than one way to do things. People need to know the way YOU want things done.

Loot: As a tank, it is nearly impossible; at least it is for me, to be able to drive the raid AND do loot quickly. It can be done, but it is better that you elect a trusted dps er <someone who is not going to be terribly missed on trash pulls> to wait til ALL of the emblem spam is gone, then link. If you are one of those people who really don't know what classes look for what stats, Kaliban's Class Loot Lists (http://www.wow-loot.com) is your friend.
It lists every piece of loot in the game, the projected priority class, and why he has dubbed these classes as having priority. This is NOT set in stone, just a guide, and much quicker and easier than leveling a bunch of characters to 80:P It's great to have in case a loot fight does happen to occur, because it is a neutral party. It makes you look much better than if you just went off your own knowledge <pugs do not know you, so they will assume you do not know what you are talking about most of the time>
Don't wait too long on rolls. 30 seconds to a minute per item is usually more than enough. If you get the classic, is that better than blank, Elitist Jerks (http://www.elitistjerks.com) SHOULD tell you what the item is rated in terms of what is best for that slot. Nevertheless if you don't have a computer that alt tabs at lightning speed, get an opinion from someone reputable in game <Keep in mind that it's your loot master doing all this, so the raid can be, and should be, clearing to the next boss at this point>

Raid set-up: When you are preparing, think about all the abilities you will need, and which classes can do them. There are plenty of really good videos here that tell you all of the bosses abilities, so this shouldn't be too difficult. Not knowing what is required for an instance is probably the second biggest raid breaker I have seen besides loot fights. It also helps if you know a couple alternative strategies, in case you don't have exactly what you would prefer.
Do ask players what encounters they have done, and give them a quick lookup. Either in town <preferable> or armory. Granted it is not always up to date, but it should still list achievements completed that are over 24 hours old, and whether they enchant/gem their gear. Be reasonable with your request. It is not necessary to demand 6K + dps for something like Naxx 10, but you may want to ask for a bit higher than the minimum if you're going to take someone you haven't ever played with before.

For everyone:

Be on time: pretty simple really. Albiet I have found many that perceive this as hardcore. Everyone wonders what the big deal is about showing 15 minutes early. SO here it is. If you show early, not only do you have a better chance at getting in, but it helps the raid lead know if they're going to have to pull in a standby, and if they need to adjust their agenda for the evening <not having 2 priests for razuvious> You make their life much easier just by showing up early, plus you can get through more content.
The other part of the time thing, would be to make sure you have enough time. <Let's be realistic here. You most likely are not going to clear anything 10 man or above in Lich King in under 3 hours, unless you're well overgeared and just in there to goof around> Making sure you have ample time will help the raid go quicker, because you won't have to worry about frantically finding someone to fill what you just lost.
Every raid member that has to leave adds at least 5 minutes to the duration of the raid. If you know you won't be able to stay the whole time, try to let the raid leader know at the beginning of the raid, before the first pull if possible, so that they can have a standby in the works.

Gear: If you find yourself a bit borderline for the encounter, bring enough consumables for the evening. <I use them even tho I overgear Naxx> If you know someone to be well below the minimum requirements, please don't try to convince the raid leader to bring them, unless they are just a spot filler. There are many places in WotLK where you will most likely not be able to cross the line without the proper gear, no matter how well you know a fight.

AFK's: It is inevitable that there will be that one drink that just moved through you too fast. The best thing is to try to keep your afk's short, and not take too many of them. And if at all possible, don't take one when the raid is standing at a boss, ready to go. Always make sure your raid lead knows you went afk. Ninja afk's are especially bad when you're nearing a boss, or trying to follow someone, and they happen to go through frogger while you're away:) Not to mention, missing out on those purty purples.

Joking around: Not everyone has the same sense of humor, so use caution when trying to poke fun at a situation, especially if you are with a bunch of people you don't know. They may not realize you are just playing.
If you are using voice, try not to interrupt things like loot rules, or boss explantions. It's also courteous if you can keep raid chat/ vent clear during boss encounters, as not everyone has a microphone, and there will be several important things for people to be listening for. Trying to ask about loot or other things during a boss fight can severely distract people who are newer to the encounter, and still break the focus of those who do. If you are in one of those kick arse raids where you can make fun of each other while killing KT, more power to you. Just realize the limits of who your with, more than anything.
Dying on trash: There will almost always be that odd aoe, from one of those silly dark touched warriors that decides to trash a melee dps , but remember, the less dying you do on trash, the faster you get to the next boss, in turn, getting you more epics.
Just because you CAN dish out 6 or 7K dps, does not mean you HAVE to pop every cooldown you have every pull. Just weigh it in your mind. Kill it 5 seconds faster, or have the healer spend 30 ressing me. It isnt much for 1 pull, but if you have 10 people doing it, 30 seconds turns into 5 minutes. 5 minutes times 10 pulls, 50 minutes, verses an extra minute or 2 by NOT going crazy, unless you have a beast of a tank that can handle it.
And besides, whats not fun about shocking the heck out of the pug that thinks they're better than you when you take it easy on trash and then crush them on the boss fights.
Having a good balance of killing quickly but not being reckless will help you get what you need done quickly, will make the overall morale much better, and will make people that you don't know more likely to want to come back next time you go.
If you don't know something, ask! :) I for one would much rather clarify something , than have what you didn't understand wipe the group.

End note: I know thats a wall o text crit, but I thought it might be helpful to people who are interested in raiding, but maybe don't know what to expect, or to those that are interested in leading raids for their guild.
Most of what I have displayed here is not considered hardcore, so it should be easy to carry it over into a guild, and most of it, into a PuG.

As you can see, leading a raid does take a lot of knowledge, but it doesn't have to be a chore.

All in all the main thing is, Have fun out there! =D
<but if you pull aggro from me, I reserve the right to elbow you:D >

06-04-2009, 03:41 PM
Everything was well said and very helpful. Thanks for the post.