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06-02-2009, 07:37 AM
Been playing for a while mostly healers and dps, this is my first pure pure tank(I don't count my DK). Running heroics trying to get to where my playstyle and gear are good for raiding. Here's my problem while tanking I seem to take a ton of damage, more than I should, I am well over def cap 553, 20% dodge, 15% parry, 11% block. I'm not having any real problems holding threat(unless dps gets itchy and nukes off mark). But I know from healing that I shouldnt need to use lay hands as much as I am. I have 26k base health and usually am 31-32k heroic buffed. I know that this was not well organized but any advise would be greatly appreciated

06-02-2009, 08:04 AM

So a little more data would be helpful (melee vs caster, boss, etc). Taking a quick look at your armory, suspect that you're just climbing the saronite wall, i.e. have the early saronite stuff that has lots of defense, but no avoidance. General comments:
- Switch your glyphs to divine plea (3% damage reduction), vengence, and either judgement, exorcism, hammer of the righteous
- Add a minor glyph for LoH and sense undead.
- Get rid of the points in Reckoning and SotP, and take 1 out of spiritual attunement and benediction and add 1 into improved judgement and the rest into conviction and crusade.
- You should be tanking with seal of vengence rather than SotR.

Are you using bubblewall at all (divine protection)? with a 2min cooldown, you can probably use it every 2nd or 3rd pull and probably twice on most boss fights unless your dps is out gearing you. Great for those multi caster pulls when you slightly undergear the content (like H OK)

06-02-2009, 08:28 AM
Seems to be more vs bosses, and yes most of my stuff is crafted have only been 80 for 3 days now but trying to get heroics/badge items.

Thanks for the glyph advice will switch them, and the talents as well

I do use SOV

I used to tank BC(70), I thought that bubbles dropped your aggro so no I havent been using divine prot.

Should I keep the sta gems and def rating I have or go for more pure dodge instead?

06-02-2009, 07:02 PM
ur block seems a little low, might want to try getting lavanthor's trinket from h vh (yes i know its a pain, stupid RNG)

other than that u seem pretty much on track although i hope ur grinding rep with Argent Crusade for the helm enchant coz shadow resist seems a little strange :P

in regard to divine protection, its our version of the warriors shield wall...it reduces dmg taken for a short period of time

the spell ur thinking about that drops aggro is divine shield (and yes we have too many divine spells)

for gemming, i went with sta + def gems for yellow/blue and dodge + sta for red unless i needed to maintain 540 defense

ur gonna notice ur defense rating drop as ur gear improves so maintaining that balance is gonna be a little bit tricky but the individual def stats will improve

because of diminishing returns, its better to go for defense gems which contribute to dodge, parry and block rather than just focusing on one particular defense mechanic

06-03-2009, 01:33 PM
Not haveing looked at your armory there's 1 stat that you're overlooking here. Your armor. How much armor do you have and what % of reduction do you have? IMO armor is a stat that really helps you, also as someone else said your block is low. Granted you've only been 80 a few days, it's still a little low.