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06-02-2009, 12:48 AM
Hi tankspotters! This is my first post after lurking here for months. I'm about to start a 3 days serious guild and I need some advice. Hope you guys can help me out.

First let me state the reasons why I want to start one and the problems I'm facing. As far as I know, there only seems to be two guilds on the alliance side that know what they're doing, in terms of raid progression to number of raid nights ratio, and they'are full. I tend to avoid guilds that raid 4 to 5 nights a week and yet progress slowly, that signals longer downtime and/or ineffective raid leading. Having no guilds that are suitable for me to join, I decided to make a guild that is serious, 3 nights a week, minimizing down time and having effective group make-ups, healing assigments/positionings, and raid leading. I want a guild with a group of 25 people that likes to bang their heads against the wall until the wall breaks.

But before even having the charter signed I'm facing some problems;
1. There are only two people at the moment that want to take up guild management positions, and none of us wants to be the GM. I would take the GM position if I could trust someone else to do healing/positioning/group make up for me (has to be the same person to have it done fast). The other person works 2 jobs and doesn't have the time

2. No raid leaders. I can't lead, even though I know what I'm doing, I am not positive enough to.

3. No website/vent yet. Don't know when I should start getting these.

So can you guys give me some advice on filling the officer positions? And how should I recruit? Is it possible for an average person to pick up everything (talking about from noobish level to sunwell level) in 2 weeks, provided that we will provide information about their classes and the addons?

06-02-2009, 12:58 AM
To add to the above post:

I mainly want to look for people who can think for themselves, gear won't be an issue (probably naxx10+ gear tho, since we probably will do uldaur 10 man before we hit 25 mans..). Am I thinking too much already?

06-02-2009, 03:39 AM
Now dont take this the wrong way, this isnt and insult,

But the chances of you going from a brand new starting guild to be a "serious" raid guild (ie a top rated guild on server) is very slim. Unless you have a strong following from the current top guilds on the server and can leach away their top members, you will have a hard time finding people that are wanting and capable (keyword Capable) that are not already in a "serious" guild.

So that will leave you to recruit either the people with the want but not the skill or the skill but not the want. It sucks but thats the hard part about becoming a top teir guild, you either have to "breakoff" from a current raid guild and build from there, or you have to steal the raiders from that level of play.

Before you even start to recruit, you need to get the basics down for the guild. That means Website, Vent, raid leaders, officer team, and have the base policies and procedures set for the raid group. Also you probbly wont start raiding ulduar. A lot of the people out there that are you "average" wow players still have upgrades from naxx to get. Are you going to be willing to farm naxx for a few months to get everyone geared to the point to progress fully in ulduar level, because if your only going to recruit those who are already fully epiced out, you might have a much harder time filling the spots with "capable" and "skilled" folks...

But to me the most troubleing part of your post is this

There are only two people at the moment that want to take up guild management positions, and none of us wants to be the GM. I would take the GM position if I could trust someone else to do healing/positioning/group make up for me (has to be the same person to have it done fast). The other person works 2 jobs and doesn't have the time

Starting and building a successful guild takes time, work and a lot of patience. If you dont have the time to put into the guild, and your officers dont either, how do you expect the guild to succeed. Also if no one "wants" to be the leader, how will you lead effectively if your doing a job you dont want.

06-02-2009, 04:44 AM
I agree with what Lizana said, but I wanted to add that realistically if you arent willing or capable of taking charge either in terms of raid leading AND guild leading then you're going to have massive troubles getting this to work.

Just to note as you appear to not have had much experience in a guild setting - the GM can easily also be the raid leader in a small guild, and as others have said you're going to need to start from scratch in naxx anyway so now is a good time to learn the RL ropes so to speak.

My honest opinion is that I think you're trying to plan a big 50/100 person guild when in reality it takes a VERY long time to build up a guild to that size - if you are really serious about starting a new guild then you should aim to start a 10 main raid with the appropriate number of players - you'd only need 1 other officer in a guild that size anyway.

Or just transfer to a new server :)

06-02-2009, 04:54 AM
I really can't add more than whats already been said except, if you say there are only 2 alliance guilds that are making serious progression, your best to find a new realm. If you have some friends, see if they'll transfer also. Start small, pug some 10man Naxx or OS and find some good players. Maybe they will be unhappy in their current guild, I mean if they are pugging right? Or maybe they'll try and recruit you. I'm also with Lizana on this one, if you don't want to be a GM or RL, chances are its going to be a fail. Even if you are there are still no guarantees. Their are alot of good players out there, but if you make a guild you got put your hip-wadders on and be prepared to get dirty. :)

Good luck to you.

06-02-2009, 09:26 AM
Thanks guys! It can't be wrong with numerous people giving the same advice. Server transfer it is!

06-07-2009, 03:13 PM
The best way to start the process of building a raiding guild is to start a regular Naxx 25 pug raid.

You can start to weed out the people who just are not a good fit for the style of raid that you want to run early and you will be getting people who want to raid, but are unable to in thier current guild situation.

Keep a list of people who run in the raids and performs well and give them priority for invites for future pug raids. As the "raid group" progresses other people will be referred to your group by people who enjoy running with you.

At some point you will want to plant a seed amongst your raiders about making the conversion from a "raid group" to a "raiding guild". You will probably get some people on board to create or join your guild but not quite enough people to raid self sustainably.

After the start of the influx of raiders you now have a "guild sponsored, raid group". At that point you need to make it clear that guild members would have priority for raid invites.

A little further down the road you need to let people in the raid group know that you are working towards running raids entirely in guild and that if they want to continue raiding with you they will have to make a decision soon as to whether they want to join.

The really hard part is to find a really good raid leader. You may get lucky and stumble across someone early in the process that everyone responds to well.

The good raid leader is the most important part of the whole thing. (he/she) must be knowledgable, calm, fair, encouraging, firm, confident, while at the same time be receptive to outside input. A real people person and a natural leader, in other words.

This by all means is not the only way to accomplish what you are trying to do, but it is how my guild made the transition from a casual guild to a heavy raiding guild.

I hope this may help you.

Mattdeeze, Fenris