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05-31-2009, 07:04 PM
So I am coming back from a 3 month break. I logged in today to check out the Argent tournament and got through the basic's. I grabbed the quest for Scourge Lieutenants and scouts.

Well I tried it and after dying a few times I realized I have absolutely zero idea what I am doing and really not sure why I suck so bad at Jousting.

Any sort of help or suggestions would be appreciated.

(I keep spamming the Stackable shield, and shield breaker, but other than that I just fail)

05-31-2009, 09:09 PM
try getting a group :D plenty of those form up pretty often since plenty are doing the dailies

if ur doing the lieutenants on ur own, u'll want to move them to a position where u wont be attacked by other mobs that respawn and keep moving even if its jsut a bit to kill the skeletons coz they can hurt if they hit u often enough

if its safe, try standing at max range and shiled breaker to pull , then back up and charge (GCD should allow u to do that if u can get the timing right)

05-31-2009, 09:27 PM
If you have a group, you can just gang up and zerg easy. If not:

First off, if you're a Valiant (or valiant/champion) you'll have a quest for Lieutenants only. They can be a little hard to pick out from the commanders (they only have 1-red barrier, while commanders power up to 3-green. In addition, commanders have a flag on their backs.)

Lieutenants will run up and melee you. Their attacks remove one level of your shields (so start off with 3).

- It's best to pull with a shieldbreaker (2) to remove their one layer of shield. Charging (3) is risky as you could charge right into a commander or another lieutenant.

- If you have full health and shields going in, as long as they are in front of you and you are (successfully) mashing the 1-key (thrust) and 4-key (shield) you will win out. Then go and heal up (5), lather rinse repeat.

- Clean off all the little skellies by getting them in the front quadrant of your horse then pressing forwards and back (they are killed by simply moving around.)

- Avoid getting gargoyles on you, they like to remove shields too. Try to clean them out with shield breakers (2) first so you have a place to work.

- If all else fails, run away. They all seem to be a bit slower then you, just power north and unless they're the rare bug they'll reset. If you do get dismounted, a good rabble will quickly kill you, in which case being back at the camp and ready with a fresh mount can actually be an advantagious tactic.

Commanders...when you get to them, function almost identical to the faction valiants and champions, though they seem to be slightly easier, and you deal a lot more damage when their shields have been whittled down (see zerg method).

05-31-2009, 10:06 PM
Well, you have to try and keep three stacks of the shield up. The ones with one stack of defend(LT's I think) die pretty fast and they seem to take one stack with there attacks. Just kill them fast. The comanders are just like dueling the valiants,except you have to watch for the flying scouts to agro(they die in two spear throws). Keep defend up and charge before they charge you.The litte skelton dudes all you gotta do is walk over them.

It seems like a little much at first, its really easy though. A lot of times you can find groups for them and they go much faster, but that's usually at the champion level.

Good Luck

06-01-2009, 07:11 AM
It takes a bit of getting used to the mechanics of jousting.

Try to keep your health and shields at full , try to fight 1 thing at a time.

2 shield breakers will kill a scout or one charge for the low flying ones.

The lieutenants will knock one shield off per hit so start with a charge or shield breaker and then just spam 1 until they are dead. You'll easily out dps them. Then heal up recharge your shields and move on.

Once you are on the commanders you just treat them like the dual at the tournament. Charge, then shield breaker to knock their shields down by 2, hit 1 until they run away from you, charge and shield breaker again, repeat until dead.

If you accidentally pull too many enemies on you just make a beeline for the main camp heal up and go back out.

If you are a warrior, then make sure to not be in defensive stance as the damage penalty is applied while mounted and will make a difference in how fast stuff goes down.

But the easiest way to do it is get a group together and just team up.

06-01-2009, 10:53 AM
If you are a warrior, then make sure to not be in defensive stance as the damage penalty is applied while mounted and will make a difference in how fast stuff goes down

does this effect how hard you get hit?

06-02-2009, 12:48 PM
does this effect how hard you get hit?

I'd have to do some testing at the citadel to be sure but I do believe with shield stacks at 3 I take 320 damage regardless of stance when dueling in the tournament. But it does mean a scout will take 3 shield breakers instead of 2, thus allowing it to deplete 2 stacks of shields instead of one. For the others I'm still not sure if it makes a real difference in how fast you take them down.