View Full Version : Building up the best set.

05-30-2009, 08:34 AM
I'm working on trying to become more familiar with boss encounters, and slightly tweaking my gear sets to do so. I am trying to make a standard set of gear to go off of for main tanking average bosses. And I can just swap out pieces of gear depending on the situation.

How am I looking so far?


Armory is currently down =(.

A few things:
I have Unbreakable Chestguard which might be better than T7.5 chest, but I am unsure. (Lose 1.13% dodge for 500ish health and 50 Armor.)
I am desperately trying to upgrade my weapon. I have been full clearing Naxx for quite a long time and never on any run (alt or main) have I seen a Last Laugh drop. Which is weird, because almost every tank I see in Dalaran and on Armory has one. *sad face* Our guild has only ever had one drop and I wasn't there that week.
I also have available Ablative Chitin Girdle, Legplates of Sovereignty, Full T7.5 (except the gloves), and most of the other obvious items from Naxx. (Pretty much every item except Last laugh and KT's shield.)
I am completely ready to regem, re-enchant, whatever....

Please halp mah!!