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05-29-2009, 05:25 PM
So, i have been 80 for a while now and play every now and then, i have got my gear to a fair standard and am happy where i am, well sort of happy. I enjoy my warrior tank but im having a large problem with holding aggro with 4+ mobs, anything under i seem to be fine with.

i neeed help/advice with holding a good amount of threat on all mobs before i get the name of a bad tank, and then not getting in any groups:(. or maybe end up switching to my dk as a tank as i find it MUCH more easier, just not half as fun.

ANY kind of help would be much appreciatied, treat me as a total nab so even obvious adivse doesnt get past.

Thanks in advance :)

05-29-2009, 05:52 PM
Shield Slam, Revenge, Devestate, TAB (cleave, cleave, cleave, cleave)
Shield Slam, Revenge, Devestate, TAB (cleave, cleave, cleave, cleave)
Shield Slam, Revenge, Devestate, TAB (cleave, cleave, cleave, cleave)

etc., etc.

05-29-2009, 09:07 PM
I guess it depends on the situation you are in but yeah, pretty much what kerchunk said. You want to be distributing damage to as many mobs as you can. Tclap is excellent for this, the imp. cleave glyph is nice. Also tab only works so well, you may have to click to get the targets you want.
Shield Block is another great tool for opening multi-mob situations, with the damage shield doing a good amount of consistent damage it really helps at the beginning when a tear can waste a lot of your time and break your rhythm.

Also be aware of where the damage is coming from, by that I mean the targets the dps are really focusing on. A lot of times there are mobs that arent being hit by others as much so you throw a tclap on them and a few cleaves and they are fine.

Usually if a dps is really riding me or does a lot of AoE, vigilance is great and will really help buffer the threat between you.

06-01-2009, 07:59 PM
If you are a tauren warrior throwing in a warstomp will also buy you a few extra seconds to tab around whacking stuff and allows you next thunderclap CD closer to ready.

06-02-2009, 11:02 AM
The way that I hold threat on multiple targets is to:

1) Pop Bloodrage
2) Charge primary target
3) Thunderclap
4) Shockwave
5) Shield slam + revenge primary target (everything is still stunned from shockwave)
6) Use my Mouseover Macro to apply devastates to each of the other targets
7) Shield slam and revenge main target
8) Cleave for rage dumps

To use my mouseover macro, do this:
1) Type /macro
2) Choose "New"
3) Choose an Icon. I chose the devastate icon to keep it simple.
4) Name your macro. I chose "MoDevastate".
5) Click okay.
6) Click on your macro icon in the macro window.
7) Type these two lines exactly as they are here -

/cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] [] Devastate
* the rectangle above is created by doing [ and ] without any spaces

8) Drag your icon to your bar and replace your old devastate icon with your macro icon. Trust me, it's okay that it's a macro.

* Alternatively if you don't wish to replace your devastate icon with your new macro icon, then you will have to drag that macro somewhere on your bars and assign a key binding to it.

Example: You have four or more mobs to get threat on quickly. You /charge in and drop a thunderclap for instant threat. Some of us follow up with a shockwave. Even still some of us follow that with a challenging shout because AoE happy Boomkins or Mages can pull threat from us in a heartbeat. To keep threat, simply target your main target (skull usually) and shield slam and/or revenge and move your mouse pointer to the next target in the group. Hit your button for devastate macro. Move you mouse pointer over to the next target and repeat until all targets have been mouseover devastated. While you are doing your mouseover, you can continue to shield slam and revenge your main target. You can even put your mouse pointer over your main target and drop a few devastates before moving on to the other targets. Every tank has their own rotation.