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05-28-2009, 05:07 PM
What I am looking for and hope this wonderful community can help me out with, is a little advice. The hunter profile I linked below is a real player but I used chardev so as not to single the person's name out for all the world to see. On average this hunter outputs from 2400-2600 for "total average dps" in our 10-man raids (Ulduar for now). Our composition is the same every raid:

1 Prot Warrior, 1 Feral Druid, 2 Resto Druids, 1 Holy Priest, 1 Frost DK, 1 Blood DK, 1 Ret Pally, 1 Demo Lock, 1 Surv Hunter (the one in question).

My question is this; Is the hunter's dps average acceptable for thier gearing. I fully understand that there are many factors in determining what someone's dps should be (ie... latency, framerate, movement, time spent on target, buffs and debuffs from raid bosses) things of that nature and I am not looking for an in depth analysis and breakdown of the person but more along the lines of either "that hunter is about where they should be given thier gearing" or if appropriate "that hunter sux and his dps average should be around this 9999 range"

It just seems odd that of the 5 dps classes in the raid, 4 of them range in the 3900-4300 range and this hunter is always in the 2400-2600 range and we all are geared about the same. I suspect that this hunter's dps is not on par, but I am no hunter expert and theres such a big disparity between the rest of the raids average dps and this single hunters that I can't imagine it being a class imbalance? what do you all think?

Heres the character in question: LINK (http://www.chardev.org/?template=195323)

05-28-2009, 05:26 PM
The gear on the hunter in question is good to great. There are a few things that should be changed/addressed. (S)he is over hit cap, if they have non hit gear to swap into some spots, it would benefit them. Taking a different enchant on the boots might be an option as well. (superior agility being the optimal enchant if you're over hit cap).

Also, if said hunter is trying to use a macro (which were common in the days of TBC) to DPS, they could be dropping a ton of DPS. Survival hunters are currently on a priority cast versus a rotation.

I know you want to keep anonimity, but if you have a WWS report (or anything of the sort) with this person in it, I can look through it and see what they are doing wrong. That will take away the anonimity in regards to me, but it's a very useful tool to see what is going wrong.

05-28-2009, 06:10 PM
Heres a Anonymous WWS report (http://wowwebstats.com/2jjykxwq1wfbu?a=x4000000003159b4) from a couple weeks ago, which really doesn't matter since the person's DPS hasn't changed a single bit since then.

Again I don't really expect you guys and gals to tear this person apart on exactly what their doing wrong. I just really need to know if the hunter is under-performing or not and if so, by how much?

05-29-2009, 07:04 AM
Anyone Else?

05-29-2009, 07:10 AM
The answer is yes, (s)he is underperforming. Going to check the WWS reports and see how.

Edit: Ok, a couple of things. (S)he used Aspect of the Viper. I know it is a wonderful ability, but the point is it shouldn't have to be used. Blessing of Wisdom (instead of Might) and Judgement of Wisdom are keys to ensuring your hunters DPS. In this regard (s)he is NOT at fault (except for not asking for wisdom). (S)he did not use a flask or food buffs. The buffs themselves don't provide a ton of DPS, but they should still be there.

(back to work, will look through it some more when I get back)