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05-28-2009, 04:41 PM
So just to help you guys understand my dilemma:

Im 17, I am the only warrior tank in my guild, and I tank along side a druid and a paladin, we rotate who is the main tank on each boss for some variation and depending on which class is better for that fight.

I had cleared all content and was waiting for uldar to be released, I had pritty much got every bit of gear I could so I was well ready for 25 uldar.

Unfortunatly, the release of the patch came just as my study leave period started for my exams, now previously, I would have just played WoW most of the day and done little revision, however, this would lead to failing and as I would like to go to uni this wasn't an option. So i took a break.

Now everything seems strange and new again, its quite weird. Now my main thing is, my talents have been reset, and i was wondering what specs are doing the best at the moment? I was using the deep wounds spec before I took a break, is this still the best option?

Also, have there been any large changes to the dynamics or workings of the abilities of the warrior tank? I know this is very vague and there are probebly guides around everywhere, but i really need some help fast, my guild are wanting me to start tanking again straight away.

Any kind of advice or help on any of the new stuff would be great.

I know this is kind of a stupid sort of post and normally I would start searching and searching till I found everything I had missed, but I've got till sunday to try and get a working spec, rotation and be up on all the tactics.



05-29-2009, 12:18 AM
Welcome back!

Warriors haven't changed much at all since 3.1 came out - in fact warrior was one of the least changed classes in 3.1 which is part of the problem. Ulduar has shone a pretty harsh light on just how bad (QQ) the warrior class is at the moment both in terms of DPS and (more importantly for you) as a tank. Warriors lack the nice cooldowns of DK's, and and the massive health pools of druids (not sure where we stand against paladins tbh).

Don't get me wrong, warriors are a perfectly viable tank for Ulduar and I've tanked there many times with out issue - but for some fights a warrior tank just won't cut it (I'm looking at you Vesax) with out some outside cooldowns and/or harder tactics.

As for specs - deep wounds is still perfectly viable option, however for guilds learning Ulduar and still gearing up a lot of tanks are going for a more conservative and survivable 5/8/58 type build that includes Imp Disciplines which with the new shield wall glyph makes for a very nice cooldown we can use quite often.

05-29-2009, 12:19 AM
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05-29-2009, 01:46 AM
Not sure if I'm raiding a different Ulduar than you Bulk but stating "Warriors don't cut it" is wrong. Yes DK's are over-powered in the cool down area and have more effective health at the moment, but by no means are Warriors NOT able to tank events like General Vezax (even a Paladin can do it).

Personally I don't consider having to kite a boss 50 yards that hard, but that might just be me. In a few of the fights we shine above the other classes. Look at top-guilds like Ensidia - they go with a Warrior as their MT given they have other tanks as well (Mimiron Hard mode was Warrior + DK with a Warrior for Phase 4).

Looking at specs the main thing you want to get is improved disciplines and the shield wall glyph. These are truly amazing together. I run with a 15/3/53 spec, so I get deep wounds but also improved disciplines - a healthy mix of survival and damage / threat dealing. Glyph of Last Stand isn't bad, but me (and the DPS) have come to enjoy me having the glyph of Devastate.

As Bulk says not that much has changed. If you're going a secondary spec as DPS (yes, you can have two spec:s now that you can switch between on-the-fly as long as you're out of combat and not in arena) arms is by far the way to go.


05-29-2009, 04:01 AM
Thanks alot guys - I did a heroic just to get back into the swing last night, seems that my rage isn't burning as fast and also dps is slightly higher. Ill go with the deep wounds but with the glyph and improved disciplines and I hope that will succeed in uldar this weekend :D

05-29-2009, 04:21 AM
Nice finding this thread, I just re-activated my account about an hour ago and am finding myself in the same boat after a 2 month leave of absence from the game.

Any links to talent calcs available on these builds?
Or what are you stealing from the old 15/3/53 build to get improved disciplines?
And what is the preferred dual spec, arms or fury?