View Full Version : Advice with tanking

05-26-2009, 06:05 AM

Sorry I am new to posting on forums, never really done it before, so hope I got this in the right place lol, :)

I have a level 80 warrior tank called Sangeface in the EU servers, Aggramar realm, I used to tank back when WOTLK first came out but went on my dk and never really went back, Now I want to commit to tanking, I can do normal runs no problem but doing heroics are a bit of challenge for me at the moment, having problems holding threat on groups of 3 or more mobs at a time, think I have got too use to playing dps.

Was wondering if someone can look at my armory page and see if there is anything I can work on to help improve on my threat, I know a lot of my gear is from heroics but that was before I stopped tanking, apart from the leggings, got help from the guild to get them recently.

Am I needing more +hit, expertise, different glyphs, do I need to change my talents etc?, any advice would be very much appreciated,