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05-25-2009, 10:34 PM
Our guild is (in my opinion) doing very well so far in Ulduar. We're on a 9hr/week raiding schedule and are working on Yogg. I definitely see a lot of room for improvement though. One of the main things that is hindering us is keeping up morale and motivation all the time. We can and have cleared bosses in there at about 20-30 minutes per boss before, which isn't hard, just basically means few deaths on trash and one shot all the bosses. I know we're perfectly capable of doing that every night too, the main thing that causes us not to do that though is when we hit a rough patch and morale instantly goes down and people lose motivation. The low morale causes big problems, people stop paying attention, slack on dps, etc which causes the rest of the night to go just as bad as the rough patch. If this happens early on and carries through the rest of the night, the low morale and motivation will even carry on to the next raid and thus starts a long chain of low morale. I see this as the biggest problem holding us back in progression right now, the other things are minor - tweaks to peoples rotations to get their dps up etc. which are easy to fix. I would like to hear what some other guild leaders do to recover morale or to keep people motivated.

05-26-2009, 03:35 AM
As a raid leader, I feel that one of my strengths is motivating my fellow adventurers. I feel highly proficient at it in 10-mans, and it's something I'm working to improve in 25-man raids.

There are several key factors at play here.

Familiarity-- Make an effort to create a unique inside joke or shared experience that is exclusive to 1 or 2 other people. Maybe do some dailies with them and go out of your way to do something memorable (leeroying into mobs in dps gear saying 'whoops' usually works, or helping them with argent tournie dailies only to dps the wrong mob ><)
Throughout the good times, keep up the jokes, keep them entertained whether it's chain pulling trash, having 2 mages kite/tank trash and see who cracks by popping iceblock first, exloring secret passageways on the way to Hodir, etc.
When bad times occur, it will be easier to laugh it off as "ok guys lets focus now", and you can soon go back to joke-mode. We also have a "game face" which is simply 8=) It's a bit ridiculous, but it seems to be a good luck charm from the gods of 'raiding successfully whilst having a blast'.

After a wipe, what I will often do is tell people to self-reflect during the run back on what went wrong. Then I will ask someone to sum it up on vent. This ensures that everyone feels connected in success and defeat (or SHAILURE as a term I coined).

Positive Reinforcement:
Try your best to always be positive with critique, or break it to more sensitive players in a diplomatic way--- like "amazing clutch heal there on plasma burst I thought I was a goner, I was so amazed that I almost didn't move out of the rockets too :P". Something like that really helps people to not get down on themselves.

Benchmarking: This is more on a case-by-case basis, but in our guild we were server 3rd to kill General on 10-man, right behind the top 2 raiding guilds. We are a small guild of friends who raids at 5am server time, with extremely limited resources. Sometimes I will stop mid-trash pull and say (genuinely) "guys you know to think that over a year ago we were not even on the server rankings and now we're 5th, ahead of (massive sunwell raiding guild), <3 you guys so much". And there's love in the air! Or I will say to our lock who never stepped foot into any raid before WotLK Naxx and now is one of our top performers--- think about your welfare epics back in Season 2, and now look at your shadowdodger achieve and 8k dps on General, and how many people have been raiding the whole time and haven't come close to what you've accomplished.

Sorry for the wall, but I really care genuinely for my raiders, and take their interest/morale very seriously. Hope there's some value for you in this.

05-26-2009, 10:39 AM
Much of this would be repeating what FeelixReturns, however there are many ways that my guild's other Raid Leaders and myself use to keep a raid motivated (we're on a 9 hour/week Ulduar schedule in a semi-causal setting).

Emphasize the importance of keeping your perfect rotation up, the use of trinkets, potions and coodlowns. I say "we all know what to do, if we all put out best game forward then this boss is cake!".

Know when to call AFKs. Raiders will get impatient and make more mistakes if they have gone a long time without stretching their legs. If possible, schedule AFKs. Predictability in the raid schedule will encourage people to remain attentive throghout the raid if they know that they will have time to rest.

After each unsuccessful boss attempt, say what went right and wrong. This builds the confidence of the raid in their leaders and makes the players think about what they are doing.
For example on Auriaya there are many things that can go wrong, and you nail down the issue after each attempt - "We missed an interrupt, whose turn was it? Good job on that pull, we got the adds down fast that time!" "Ouch we got feared into a void, let's try to pull the boss into the pocket more, the first 6 interrupts were pristine, keep it up guys!"

Keep an open environment for discussion. In other words - be approahcable. Let the players tell you what they are having trouble with on that fight. This helps discover what went wrong and also helps players help eachother especially if they have trouble seeing something or find out if their mods are not working properly etc.
For example - some of the designated interruptors had lag issues on Auriaya so we replaced them.
Many people admitted that they could not see the snor or blue runes on Hodir. The leaders looked into it and instructed them how to turn on projectec textures during an AFK.

Joke around a bit. Sometimes I am way too serious in a raid and it may get certain people down. Let the raiders be silly, not stupid. I may sigh when they cast bunny ears on my character tight before I am about to pull a boss, but if that's a source of amusement and does not get in the way of performance then let it slide (or play up on it).

Encourage players of the same role/class to communicate and motivate eachother. My guild has a channel for healers, tanks, and classes. I join most of these channels while leading. If there appears to be a lack of healing on a target, I can ask the healers "Is there a problem w/ the healing assignments?" and then this will spark a constructive conversation on stratrgically healing a boss.

Bored raiders tend to lack motivation and have low morale. Encourage them to listen to music during raids as long as it is not a distraction. Sometimes the leadership will be a source of entertainment for the raiders (intentionally or not). When leading, avoid being monotone or soft spoken as this will translate into boredom through vent and reflect in your raid. If you can keep the raid thinking and engaged in their role then you can get their full attention for a long raid.

At the end of a raid, take a couple of minutes to say what went right and then tell the raiders what went wrong. Make a raid follow up post on the forums with resources for interested parties to learn more about the fights that you are struggling with.