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05-24-2009, 09:24 AM
Hey all, I've been looking to understand the reasoning or numbers behind still putting Mongoose on a weapon these days.

To start, I've got 3 weapons that I actively use for tanking atm. Shiver with Blood Draining, Titanguard with Blade Ward, and Last Laugh with Accuracy. Once I get my hands on Sorthalis, I'll have an additional decent weapon lying around that I could potentially put a different enchant on, as well as having to decide on an enchant for the new best-in-slot mace.

I've read the threads here on Blade Ward / Blood Drain analysis and what not, and I understand the big proponent of the Mongoose buff staying for its full duration and not being consumed in one parry like Blade Ward is, but I'm still not gathering why so many respectable tanks choose it as an enchant over any of the others for a specific situation. I see Blood Draining as being superior for those times where you need that heal at the right time. I see Blade Ward being superior for avoidance with the extra damage that could make up for the miserable haste buff from Mongoose, as well as potentially the crit too. And lastly, I see Accuracy as being the better choice for straight up threat-intensive scenarios.

I may be missing something tremendously, and I definitely want to outfit myself to the best of my ability, so please enlighten me if you have anything to share regarding the viability of Mongoose in Ulduar, or any other weapon enchant suggestions for that matter.

Thanks in advance. :)

05-24-2009, 10:37 AM
The reason some people are using mongoose is they like the greater uptime of the extra dodge/armor it gives than the piss poor uptime of bladeward. There will always be people that prefer avoidance instead of EH, its been that way for quite a while now