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05-23-2009, 03:56 PM
I'd like to run some numbers on Parry/Haste for DualWield DK Tanks.

---- 2H Weapon - 2x 1H weapon ----

Weaponspeed: 3,5 2x 1,5
Elapsed Time: 60 Seconds
Boss Parrychance: 14%
2H Weapon:

60/3.5 = an average of 17.15 hits per minute (not taking HR into account)

17.15/100= .1715 -> .1715x14%= an average of 2.5 boss parries per minute.

2x 1H Weapons:

60/1.5= 40 -> 40x2 = 80 hits per minute (counting both weapons)

80/100= 0.8 -> 0.8x14%= 11.2 boss parries per minute.

Since everybody is talking about getting hard expertise capped as DW DeathKnight tank I wanted to make a point that if you just degrade the boss parries to 2.5 per minute you'd have the exact incoming damage by boss parries as a 2H tanker. Taking that into account means you'll need less expertise and is easier to gear for.


So in that case:

0.8x? = 2.5 -> ? = 3.125% is the percentage you want to be heading for

that means you only have to get 10.875% chance of his parries,

Every 8.2 expertise rating gives you 1 Expertise, Every 4 expertise gives you 1% reduction on Boss parry chance.
10.875x(8.2x4)= 356.7 Expertise Rating to level DualWield parries with 2H Parries.

I thought this might be interesting as getting hard capped is far harder then just reaching this kind of expertise.
Please feel free to comment and say if I'm wrong, I might be a little off.

05-24-2009, 06:13 AM
Dual Wielding: Demystifying the Myth (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f14/42619-dual-wielding-dks-demystifying-myth.html)

It got bumped somewhat down the list, but it's there and heavily discussed, I'm afraid you're a bit late to the discussion. =)

And, there are two vital elements to expertise, I don't know anyone who advocates hard-capping:

1.) Who parry hastes and who does not? There are a great many bosses who actually do not (Ignis and Auriaya for example).

2.) Expertise simply has a higher payoff when you're dual wielding. For simple numbers, if the 2h is getting 30 parries in a 10 min period and the dual wielder is getting 120, both with no expertise. Now both put on their gear to remove 6% of the boss's parry chance, which is a 43% reduction in parry count. Now the 2h will get 17 parries and the dual wielder will get 69. So the 2h was saved 13 possible parry hastes while the dual wielder was saved 51. This also doesn't account for Rune Strike, which replaces weapon swings with unparriable strikes. With a 2h and moderate avoidance that's already ~40% of your melee swings replaced. No one has generated numbers for this yet and shared them, but it is surmised that with high enough avoidance you can get more rune strikes off with dual wielding and quick use. It also doesn't account for melee specials, BS, HS, PS, ScS, Ob, and DS, all of which are parriable and the count and frequency of each of those will vary with spec. Then there's the consideration of using a fast/fast weapon setup, though I haven't found a slow tanking weapon in Ulduar yet, not that I've been looking.