View Full Version : Gearing Management, Armory Help?

05-23-2009, 06:19 AM
I am looking for a little help tuning my warrior.

WoW Armory

I have a few other items at the ready to replace and work with other gear sets, but some of those don't come with defense of them and drop me below the defense minimum. I am really wondering about my low amount of parry and expertise.

Also is Titanium Weapon Chain still up there with the best weapon enchants or did I miss something from 3.1?

I have also been looking at my glyphs lately. Its seems very easy to switch in and out of them now. I am wondering about switching from the my current tanking glyphs of blocking, revenge, and devastate to something more focused on chaining uhoh buttons (Shield Wall and Last stand). In what situation would the second set of glyphs work better?