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05-22-2009, 05:13 AM
Only my second post here, great site, used it for a very long time :)

But well, I was wondering what other people's opinion on proffesions were? I currently have mining (50stamina) and jewelcrafting, and I am torn between dropping mining and picking up Blacksmithing or Enchanting. So what my real question is, would I gain anything from dropping Mining and picking up BS/Enchanting?

Armoury is currently messed up, but my unbuffed stats are:
34.6k Health
26.16% Dodge
18.26% Parry
17.73% Block
24.4k Armour
Hit Capped
At the Expertise Soft Cap with Expertise Food (24Expertise without)

05-23-2009, 03:05 AM
The phrase "much ado about nothing" always crosses my mind when people ask "Should I change professions?" because the differences between them are so minor. The examples you're considering, JC/Mine, JC/BS and JC/Ench, differ by exactly two stamina. If you want to know which combination provides the two additional stamina, you can look it up on Wowhead. I'm not going to tell you, because it doesn't matter. There are better ways you can use the thousands of gold it would cost to powerlevel a new profession.

Buy a piece of BoE Ulduar/Naxx gear. Grab a Kirin Tor ring. If you don't run it regularly, pay a guild to carry you through Naxx or the parts of Ulduar they have cleared and give you an upgrade that drops. All of these options would get you more for your money than powerleveling another profession.

05-23-2009, 04:29 AM
I get what you mean, but I guess what I was really wondering is that if I was to pick up Blacksmithing/Enchanting, would the variability be better than that of mining? What I mean by that is would the 2gem slots which BS supplies be better than the flat stamina from mining? Or would the 32attack power enchant on rings be better due to me being able to use those enchants as part of my threat set?

I think I am going to stay with mining either way, but I just wanted some other opinions on those proffs.

EDIT: With regard to gear, I have almost every piece of Naxx gear, and my guild is approaching Yogg Saron, so getting gear is not the problem, I just wanted to know other people's opinion on min maxxing with regards to proffesions for tanks, as I have heard from multiple people that BS/JC is the best combo for a tank due to the variability in the sockets which it provides.

05-23-2009, 04:35 AM
For flexibility, dropping mining and picking up BS would be your best bet, because BS gives you two sockets you can gem with whatever you want. My warrior is BS/JC for this reason.

I'd still suggest staying with JC/Mine, though, because you can make money much more easily than as BS/JC. I don't even have my epic ground mount yet, and I still need to drop thousands of gold before I'll have maxed JC and BS. I don't regret going JC/BS--I took the professions for RP reasons--but it's made things much more difficult.