View Full Version : Fury or Arms for fresh 80 warrior?

05-21-2009, 02:44 PM
So my warrior will hit 80 any day now (2 more lvls, but i keep catchin gf-aggro lol) and I have been doing my fair share of reading the warrior dps guides and post both here and on elitistjerks. I have one question though. For a fresh 80, is it easier to go Fury or Arms?

Arms I here shines with more ArP, however most of the ArP stuff is in ulduar, and i won't be running 25naxx anytime soon (10 yes). But I have seen alot of people telling up-and-coming fury warriors to go to Arms until they get better gear.

Fury, on the other hand, got that TG nerf so I have read that its now that much harder to get gear for it. But, I am a few days away of having enough seals for 2h tourny sword, and have the 2h titansteel mace sitting in the bank, so I at least have some epic weapons to start DWing.

Thanks, in advance, for you advice.