View Full Version : Need guide for leveling prot

05-20-2009, 09:43 AM
Hello, I'm new to tank spot and my search-fu is weak. I've spent the last several hours looking for a guide that details how to level as a prot pally. I've done it. Twice. But my friend who is starting a pally doesn't know all the ins and outs. While I can describe certain things to him, I take a lot for granted. Whats the best method to describe leveling as prot? (I did see a nice guide by Honorshammer but it detailed leveling as ret. Not what Gary is looking for)

Now see, here's the issue. Gary (the guy I'm trying to teach) is very stubborn and despite what I tell him about staying in his respective area (Ghostlands) he is under a misconception. "But Wulf, I'm level 12 and when I try to fight level 12, 14, and 15 mobs, I'm getting my butt kicked."

"Why yes Gary, that will happen. Stick to your quests"

"But I put my points into prot. I'm a tank..."

Yeah. Its kind of like that. Oddly, the 3rd party advice of forums like these he'll actually listen to. So... where can I find a good, simple, guide (preferably idiot proof) that he can read and listen to?