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Steelbreaker hits for ~31-38k on each melee swing, and then fusion punches for about the same amount. This is at the beginning of phase 3. By tank #3 he starts doing 55k fusion punches.

The only tank who can reliably tank twice without an absurd number of outside cooldowns is a deathknight. Soulstoning a warrior is basically flipping a coin. You get 12 seconds of shield wall, 2x10 seconds of shield block, 20 seconds of last stand, that you need to make work for 2x20 seconds. With a DK, AMS (lol75%) is up again by the time you come up, and so is IBF. With the 2-min cooldowns bone shield and AMZ, a DK can cover two tank phases with no problem.

Paladins get royally fucked. They don't even have the 4-piece shield block, and don't have a last stand. Druids don't even have a real shield wall.

Good thing we have a DPS DK who has acquired offset tank pieces. We're going to have him soulstoned tonight and carry us through this fight; it doesn't matter that he's wearing t7 and we're wearing t8.5. It's okay, he's a DK!

I don't think it's even debatable at this point. Look at IC hard mode kills, watch their vids, check their WWSs. Excluding the VW cheesers, how many of them use a pally? How many of them use a druid? Now, how many of them use DKs? In fact, the optimal setup is probably two DKs and a warrior.