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Control yourself.

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Completely unnecessary and rude. If you're not interested in hearing feedback on your ideas, don't ask for it.

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I think i should have been more clear in my last response to you. You are an annoying kid with no friends get a life. If you cant write anything intelligent stop writing. You're the one who is clearly dumb here. You could'nt catch nothing right about what i have wrote and you can't read between the lines. So as a last response ill try to make things clear so you GTFO my thread and try annoying another people instead.

1. Combining both PVE and PVP, yes but i said it could be good for both. I think people understand what "good" means. You assumed that this spec would be awesome for both PVP and PVE. I have posted some more posts to get deeper into the spec to show what could be changed to obtain a better PVP or PVE style. About dual spec, as we all know (maybe with you as an exception because you are a retard), dual spec doesnt solve all problems. In fact, you cannot switch between specs when you are in arenas or dungeons.

2. Since you are such a retard, i will explain in a more explicit way so i can reach your low IQ rating. My last post about the 3 warriors was only an exemple to show people what the idea of being an off-tank was. It is clear for all "intelligent people" out here that this was not meant to beat all incounters and that there were specific situations where this would not be an option. And who the fuck would save taunt with a 3 warrior team when taunt as a 10sec cooldown (only you i bet). This Thread was not meant to deal with specific encounters but with a global perspective.

3. Assuming people are newbs and dont have the experience is one thing. Bringing something intelligent to say is another. Instead of annoying people with your bullshit and your trashtalk why dont you make yourself a thread. Since all you have wrote so far is about you being SOOO good maybe you should share your experience with others.

Finally, i hope i have been clear enough this time. If you ever want to try the spec and comment, you are welcomed. Else, you can take your forklift and impale yourself with it.