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05-13-2009, 03:06 AM

we had a problem with one of our officers since the patch. The warlock was with naxx 25 and uldu gear having a hard time getting above 2500 dps. I gave him 1 month the time to get something going on because with his gear this was not acceptable.

We got into a argue and he was insulting me on the forums. I asked him to come on TS and he started to insult me immediatly.

I kicked him from the guild, but before I could remove him from the forum...he as moderator deleted EVERY post that I made. From A-Z.

05-13-2009, 09:28 AM
If you have a forum host they can probably restore the posts.

05-15-2009, 06:36 AM
1) Ask all people from guild to stop posting.
2) Restore latest database (good hosting should provide you with daily backup)

good riddance btw, you don't need that kind of a guy

(and yes you will have to remove his mod priviledges AFTER they restore your database :D, he can do it again, make sure you misslead him that he or anyone else in guild know that you are trying to restore)

05-15-2009, 06:39 AM
At least he only got your posts. We had one clean the bank.