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05-12-2009, 06:18 AM
For those looking to join: Be sure to sign up at Ogame (http://OGame.us)

Name: Watchmen
Tag: TWM
Server: Universe 7

********USEFUL INFO***************
Quick Start Guide: Quick Start Guide - OGame Wiki (http://ogame.wikia.com/wiki/Quick_Start_Guide)
Calculating Distance: Distance - OGame Wiki (http://ogame.wikia.com/wiki/Distance)
Colonization and Planet Sizes: Colonization - OGame Wiki (http://ogame.wikia.com/wiki/Colonization)
SpeedSim, to simulate battle results: SpeedSim Online (http://websim.speedsim.net/)

********GALAXYTOOL INFO***********
View Galaxytool Database: OGame Galaxytool v4.4 (http://en.galaxytool-hosting.eu/TWM/)
Firefox Add-on: Firefox Extension - Galaxytool Wiki (http://en.wiki.galaxytool.eu/index.php/Firefox_Extension)
Configuration Settings

OGame Servername: uni7.ogame.us
Galaxytool URL: http://en.galaxytool-hosting.eu/TWM/secret/galaxyplugin.php

If you need a username / password, send in-game mail to Optimoos.

********Useful Firefox Add-ons*********
FoxGame (local time displays and % completions):mozdev.org - foxgame: index (http://foxgame.mozdev.org/index.en.html)

********IRC INFO***************
IRC Client: Mibbit.com - Easy and fast Webchat (http://www.mibbit.com)
Server: esper.net
Channel: ikariamwatchmen