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I'm curious to hear how other tanks handle the "Ancient Water Spirit" in the Freya (25 man) fight, the guides I've read and the videos I've seen are a bit ambigous about the charges ("Tidal Surge" I think it's called). Tanking this guy for the first time last night no matter what I did (turning him away from the raid, taking him 20-30 yds away from the raid) he still would spin around and charge random raid members (I had him up in the forest away from the clearing where Freya was tanked and he still charged raid members down at the rivers edge). Wasn't an issue of threat (he always came straight back to me after a charge) just not quite sure how to stop him from doing this (if it's even possible).

Also if anybody would like to offer up advice on how you handle DPS (split them up into groups, call DPS on-off at certian health levels, etc..,) on the 3 add waves (Snaplasher, Stormlasher, Water Spirit) that would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance for any advice.