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05-09-2009, 06:33 AM
Ive been noticing that there are two members of my guild that are constantly up on TPS when Im tanking bosses. I was wondering if there was something that I wasnt doing right that is leading to this or maybe something in my rotation.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thrall&n=Rayqwantu)

I myself have never been big on rotations, but if it helps my guild then I will be all for it. I do think it maybe cause I designed my build more on OT then MT, well not designed but found that it works fairly nice for my being the backup.

I am also working on JC so I can get those lovely gems they can make.

Any suggestions would be so helpful thankyou

05-09-2009, 03:16 PM
Well if you really want to maximize your threat, then you need to really look at doing a rotation. Check this thread on the maximum threat rotation:


There is also a link in there to a maintankadin thread on talent builds.

Your talent spec could use some tweaking.
1. For one, you only need 1 point in improved judgement (if you decide to use the optimal threat rotation).

2. 3 points in the Crusade talent will provide more threat/dps than 5 points in seals of the pure (plus you can put those extra two points into conviction for even more threat/dps).

3. You really only need 1 point in spiritual attunement.

In general, if you do something around a 0/53/18, then you will be getting the most out of your threat talents while still having necessary survivability talents.

Spiritual Attunment glyph can go. Depending on how much expertise you have in your gear, the SoV glyph can be really nice. Even though expertise is not as good as our other stats, the sheer amount of expertise this glyph provides gives a good chunk of threat (see the maintankadin thread I mentioned for more details).

The hammer of the righteous glyph is also something you could look at. It is a great utility glyph for tanking adds/trash, but if you are having troubles tanking bosses, then you might consider replacing it with the judgement glyph. The impact of this switch though is kind of in the noise, so I wouldn't do this unless you are just looking to squeeze out TPS. I myself use the Righteous Defense glyph there because the effects are so small, so you can probably keep the hammer of the righteous glyph if you want.

This isn't a threat related comment, but get Judgements of the Just (take out 2 points from divinity to get it). It really is an important talent to have as a tank.

05-10-2009, 05:37 AM
Thankyou for that good advice and I completely forgot that I logged out in my heal gear set. This is what my tanking set looks like,

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thrall&n=Rayqwantu)

I do have full t7.5 but I replaced the shoulders and legs with t8. I figured the two combined set bonuses were alot better then the one from 7.5, I know some of the gems are not the best options I have been playing around with them since I got the pants. Any suggestions on what I should flip flop around, I mean I lost almost 2k health in switching the two pieces.

05-12-2009, 03:20 AM
My initial reaction looking at your gear and spec is that there is plenty of potential to improve your threat through your spec, allowing to to gear more for survivability, especially against heavy hitting bosses of the type that one encounters in Ulduar. Furthermore, if you are suffering for threat, you need look no further than this:

I myself have never been big on rotationswhich will prove fatal as a Paladin since there is a very fixed rotation proven to be threat (and damage) optimal. Check the link above, and more generally Knaughty's FAQ at

Maintankadin • View topic - 3.1 Frequently Argued Questions. AKA: Advanced tanking FAQ

for more info on rotation and spec. With this done, I would seriously look at some gear choices... I assume you have access to more gear than what you're wearing (if not you may struggle - I know my guild has stopped being interested in farming Naxx now that Ulduar has come along, so you'll just have to make do with regemming/enchanting what you do have.

To my mind, in cases where death is a serious possibility and bosses hit hard (15-20k melee + specials) 3/5 Paladin t7.25 was mediocre at best. I would never recommend block value/rating gear in these circumstances, and the t7.25 chest and legs had only that. You've replaced the legs, which is good, but I would look to an alternative chest as well. Breastplate of Tormented Rage and the Dragonstorm Breastplate are both good alternatives. For the same reason, I would immediately reverse your decision to replace the t7.25 shoulders with the 8.10 ones, even though this would mean losing out on the set bonus for now - as I said, it's a threat bonus, and with a corrected spec and proper rotation you won't find it necessary. Similarly, if you have access to the Helm of Vital Protection, it's superior to the 7.25 head in my mind, and the (25 man) badge boots are superior to what you have on now. As a final point, Rune of Repulsion is rubbish - if it's avoidance you want, get the badge dodge trinket instead, or the defence one off Thaddius 10. My personal preference however is for the Defender's Code.

Enchants, I'd always put 22 defence on chest regardless of whether I was over the cap or not, but I suppose +10stats is a viable alternative (except that you have the def/bv meta, presumably to cover a defence defecit which could be made up for with the defence chant on your chest). I also don't like the Agility enchant to back, and would be tempted to switch it for the armour one assuming you don't need the defence. And for gems, you should never need to gem for threat stats (i.e. str), so personal rule of thumb (echoed in above FAQ) is: blue-stam; red-dodge/stam; yellow-def/stam.

The reason Paladins are fun to play (for me at least) is exactly because they put out very decent threat/damage in full survival gear with the correct spec (e.g. solo tanking Hodir in full frost resist gear when dps have all those buffs). On the other hand, your spec is not threat optimal, nor is your rotation, meaning you have tried to cover for this in your gear, which in my mind is the wrong way round. Spec 0/53/18 as Jere suggested above, then go to town gearing to stay alive, and both your healers and dps will love you!

Hope that's of some help.

05-15-2009, 08:57 AM
I would like to thank everyone for the advice it helped out alot, I was able to find the spec that works for me taking the 0/53/18 build. Im still playing with the glyphs a little and havent been able to get my enchants just yet that I need to change around.
I did implement the rotation and I rarely see anyone come near me in tps. I have also since got my jc up enough to be able to get the jc only gems.
Its lovely being unbuffed 32k I must admit, thankyou all for your help I love these forums.