View Full Version : Agility Stacking for Threat Based DK Tanks.

05-08-2009, 02:04 AM
This is an Idea i've been rolling over in my head for quite some time... Not entirely based on the idea that it will maximize threat output, as I'm sure that Strength would be a much better option.

However, After doing a bit of mathematics in my head I really started considerring Agility being a safe way to stack in stats wherein it stacks with several base stats that contribute heavily to Threat generation.

AP isn't really effected so strongly here with Agility, mainly it would only be effective with an amount so high that it would gimp other stats, and it would only work from synergy with bladed armor. I haven't done an exact math equation yet, but an estimate is roughly 1 AP for 20 Agility with 5/5 bladed armor. Which I know is absolutely minimal as compared to the benefits that Strength would give.

However, going by the passive Forceful Deflection that DK's have. 25% of our strength goes into Parry Rating.

But the key here is Threat Generation. Providing that you spec correctly, Agility may grant a high benefit to this, considerring Critical hits will greatly contribute to spiked threat. I don't remember the exact number, but I believe its in the mid 40s for 1%Crit. Which isn't too high of a number considerring that Agility also grants Dodge Rating, Armor, and as I said a small trickle down amount of attack power.

Wherein (in theory perhaps) it may not be a terrible idea to give it a try. More so than stacking a crazy amount of strength. Which of course will grant a much higher attack power and a small amount of Parry Rating.

Agility will grant Armor, Crit, Dodge, and a small amount of AP. Unfortunately the number hasn't been determined yet, exactly how much Agility grants 1% dodge. (I may be mistaken.)

But I'd love to hear some opinions on this... granted I know it's sort of an off the wall idea, but as I said, if the synergies worked correctly it may in fact be a good way to focus for a threat tank.

05-08-2009, 03:25 AM
Hmm.. in theory, this isn't a bad idea.

You must remember that not a lot of plate tanking equipment comes with huge amounts of raw agility. Our dodge is granted through green stats. Therefore, to actually "stack" the ammount of agility you're suggesting would require Agility enchants and Agility gems in every place possible. At least, this is my understanding.

In addition, raw agility is a poor way for a DK to get dodge. Agility gems are outstripped by dodge gems in almost every instance.

Nevertheless, as you state, this is about Threat Generation and in theory this could work. If you are capable of stacking the ammount of agility you propose, you would be able to achieve a high crit rating and probably a suitable level of dodge.

As a side note, stacking Strength is also a fairly poor strategy for Deathknight tanks. The Strength-to-Parry bonus is really for our 2h weapons, which often have huge ammounts of strength, and not really for Strength gems and so on.

This is most definitely an interesting theory and I like the ammount of thought you've put into it :) it would be really interesting to see this tested out. Whether or not someone is willing to regem/reenchant their gear in the same of theory, we shall have to see... ;)