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05-05-2009, 08:34 PM
It's been a while since I've posted so bear with me :)

With the implementation of Ulduar no doubt just like with BC's sequential "end game." Stepping. We'll go through our WOTLK versions of Karazhan,Gruul,Mag,SSC etc etc. With that said, Ulduar 10/25 at the time of this being written is "end game." So to speak, Hard Modes of course add another dimension to this.
If you're wondering where this post is heading, I'm looking to hit on a few pieces. I'll outline those shortly and then discuss them one by one.

-The Rush of Server Progression

- What Ulduar means to guilds, especially those that are considered "lower on the totem pole. Reinforcing your guild's relationship to each other, and the Raid.

-What time will tell.

First on my agenda of discussion is what primarily is still going on for every server. You sure have the guild's that are ripping through their Hard Modes already as we speak. But these guilds also present a lower presence than your mainstay's (of guilds) on each server.
For the most part we can comfortably say that at this point most guilds have made their way at least half way through Ulduar 25.
There's some important and interesting facts and observations about this. the first is that your guild will always have a harder time with one boss, while another guild seems to float through easily. The same will go for them. They'll have a difficult time with a boss that your raid crew will find an easy encounter.
This is sheerly attributed in my thinking, due to your Raid Makeup, not only in classes but the people playing them. You will always have some class presence in your raids that aren't as strong as another in your guild. In some cases this will effect how smoothly particular boss encounters go for you. If some of your certain classes are weaker players in terms of playing capacity, you might have a harder time with that boss. Or you could be a guild that's Healer heavy by nature, so DPS race fights are a bit more difficult, and vice versa if your a guild that's generally healer heavy.
You may also have issues that deal with the lack of classes for your raid crew. Or an overabundance of another. You either take the extra ret pally just cause his dps is great for example, in comparison to other dps classes you have. Or you might just sheerly be lacking players of a particular class.

If you have a weaker player skill base with one class, this doesn't mean you're not going to progress quickly through fights that favor a strong showing of skill by those classes. It's merely saying that in some cases you might have to make work arounds,and be creative.
Also if you have too little of one class, or too many of another. It would probably be worth your while to put effort into recruiting specifically and with great amounts of pickiness the class you do feel you need. Keep in mind that of course you will break some ego's, as nearly everyone feels that they are an amazing player, they might very well be, but you have a job to do and that's to fill up your raid spots with hopefully players of the best mindsets/attitudes and classes to ensure success.

Guild's will also be breaking down, or gain steam because of this Raid Instance. This happens all the time with new content. Whether some person got butthurt because he feels he was slighted on a piece of gear, or total annihilation due to a drama breakdown etc. It happens, your goal during these times is to keep your raid rolling in a good mindset. This could probably be more important than actual downings. You may afterall just be having a hard time with just one boss, and after that your guild might very well just push right on ahead with relative ease.
You'll have rough nights, as well as amazing nights. Some nights your players will be lax or not up to par like they usually are. Other times your players will be firing on all cylanders.

So with that said, try to keep your guild first and foremost excited or happy to go in each night. Ensure as much as you can smoothness on your guild's part. That's not saying "smoke through every boss you come across," It's merely saying, make sure your raid force isn't becoming down or sour. Even on nights you don't have much success be sure to outline the great parts, as there will always be. Deal with people on an individual basis either on vent in a private channel, or through tells. You're trying to keep those players positive about tonight and ready to perform at peak the next time. This of course isn't considering any sort of drama or unaccepted outbursts, as those go without saying.

- Next is the weight of Ulduar on your guild!
I've always believed any sort of new Raid Instance was an excellent door for guild's not in the higher echelon of progression fame. I say this because raid instances implemented in game after some time are usually raidable by more than just the top 5 or so. Many "lower end" guilds jump into these Raid Instances and take off. Were these guild's just lucky? No, I feel more so that their success was obtained by taking the bull by the horns. They decided to go in and with best intentions and try for some boss kills. Almost always they find some sort of success and from there measure themselves against it. In most cases they find that raiding that Instance is definately viable.
This gives a great boost to the guild morale and even performance! They know it's something the "biggest and greatest" are working on too, so it gives a feeling that they too are just as good. Guilds that jump in and find success also find their name being a bit more Shoppable in terms of recruitment. If your one of the guilds that are clearing top end content early in any capacity, you gain a bit of status and positiveness in the eyes of others. In this example you find that you have more people asking how to be recruited or at the very least they start to keep an eye on you to their curious mindedness of if they should join your guild. Keep in mind they want success too!
Keep in mind, this doesn't just attract amazing players, this will of course too attract mediocre players and even players you feel aren't up to snuff. So while you may get alot of response from the populace, remember that you need to recruit players that play great, take great care of their gear, and have a demeanor and attitude that won't ruffle your guild up. Is the person good with raid times to where they could be able to raid consistantly? Do they have an attitude that smells like they're wanting to have a fun time, kill some bosses and possibly score a piece of loot. Do they carry a persona that won't cause drama, and instead one that would mesh well with the guild or possibly enhance it!

Stretch for every inch out of your gear. Make sure you show your guild mates you're doing so, and encourage them to as well. If someone isn't enchanting everything with the best enchants possible for them, chat with them and find out. If they don't have the money, help them farm it, if they're lazy, give them some facts they can't argue. "If we had stayed alive for maybe 5 more seconds, or pounded in a bit more dps we would of had it." Sure just one person taking initiative to max their gear might not do it, but if everyone has their stuff pristine, it quite possibly could have been the extra 100k damage needed to kill that boss.

If you keep your guild in a good mindframe, have them prepared every raid, your chances of success go way up higher than they were before. Clear vent where chat is limited to what's necessary, drama being handled immediately etc, go really far for your chances of progression.

On some nights you'll have rough raids. Or maybe late starts. After some time of working don't think it a bad idea to issue out a 5minute break. Even if you're pacing right on ahead, don't hesitate after a while to go ahead and tell people to take 5. Have them stand up, get a drink. Use the rest room, etc. Remember you are sitting at a computer just like the rest of your raid all focused in on a raid for hours. Let everyone's minds get a break for a second, to get a chance to clear out and sharpen back up. You really can raid yourself stupid from just hours of hitting 123123123123.
These are also choice times for officers and GM's to hit up a side channel and discuss matters. Talk over any sort of plan for which bosses you'll be heading too next. Take a minute to window out and load up any web pages of the strats you'll be needing, and link them/it to the rest of your "O Core" and GM so that they can quickly get on the same page and get to the bread and butter of what's going on.
If there was any issues with players such as; complaints, drama, computer issues, RL Issues etc, quickly point them out and prioritize. Obviously "Frank had to leave immediately cause his brothers car broke down." Is something that has to get handled quickly so that your Officer/GM core is in the loop and can move on to the process of picking a replacement.
If there was drama, figure out how damaging it was. If it's just something minor, make note of it and suggest it be handled after the raid is done if at all possible. If it's a grave matter, obviously take care of it immediately.

Success is tied to preparation. Having everyone prepared for the long haul each night, and for shorter matters will help your guild move as smooth as it can. Players that draw a blank cause they weren't prepared either in game, rl issues or simply not reading up on a boss strat will slow you down, and maybe cause a night of wipes. Bone up on your strats, know who's going to be on, how long, and if they too have done what they should have in terms of reading strats, bringing money for repairs, consumables, and have set aside the necessary time to complete their raiding duty for that night.
Morale goes a great length for your Raiding Corps. It can be the make or break if you have a great night or really bad night. Keep people in high spirits and know when to call for breaks, or crack a joke to lighten the mood. Know when to reprimand people publicly and know when to call a raid. Grinding the raiding members futher into the ground isn't something good. Know the difference between bad luck, brain farts, and when it's actually a matter of needing to call it to preserve the morale health of your raiding force.

-Only time will tell as far as Success goes!
Already there's been a great deal of changes made to Ulduar. Just about every change was made to help more guilds get more progression in Ulduar. With that said you might be downing an extra boss or more because the changes to the Mobs/Encounters were just the thing you needed.
Also consider it might just be a matter of some of your players getting more knowledgeable of the fights, other times it could possibly be that some of your players just needed a piece of gear or two.
If you're not on the "TOP ___ Guilds" mountain, this is a great time to get your foot on it, and with some hard work, hopefully make some great strides up it!
Some guilds have broken down at adversity ensure you're not one of those guilds. Keep a mindful eye on those guilds that are. If you know a guild is breaking up, it might be time to hit Trade or General with the trusty recruiting macro. You might just net a few of those great players that ended up unfortunate.
Ulduar won't be the last instance put into game during WOTLK either, although it won't be some time till another does come out. Use this time to fortify your guild and push on into Ulduar, and work to give your guild every chance it can to make some great moves, progression, and hopefully gain a bit of pride and a smile when someone from another guild notices and says something flattering.

Goodluck and happy raiding.