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05-05-2009, 06:17 PM
Here is a link to my armory
WoWarmory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Wildhammer&n=Obsidianhand)

I don't think I can generate enough threat. Druid Tank can pull away my aggro very easily even we two pull the same boss at the same time

05-06-2009, 08:20 AM
if you need more tps it might be advisable to change spec glyphs and some gems.


runic power mastery is nice for a dps build, but a tank shouldn't have any problem spending his rp, before it caps out at 100. so take points out of this

improved icy talons is nice, though try to let a dps bring it. so you can invest those points in more personal dps(tps) talents. try take points out of this, but if you're only one bringing this i suppose you better keep it and work around it

black ice would make your icy touch, frost fever, hb rime procs and frost strikes hit harder and therefor increas your dps and tps. so try get it

chill of the grave gives you more runic power that can be spend on RS and frost strikes. which will increase your tps. same try get it

so you end up with a build like this Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#j0EMZhxx0AbIoc0iost0x) (got 3 talent points spare)

get rid of D&D and IBF one, and replace them by obliterate and frost strike.
you could also replace the UA by RS one if you don't need the extra mitigation.
(assuming from epidemic you use it>ps>ob>bs>bs ob>ob>ob)
put +16hit in yellow ones (till hard cap)
put +16expertise in red ones (at least till soft cap)

lastly i would like to add you only have to watch at your dps with highest tps to see if you are good, always nice to stroke your epeen competing with other tanks, but in the end you are their to keep it of the dps, and other tank will have to learn to watch his threat if he needs to stay below you.
another thing to note is that we don't have the best snap threat, so you are bound to lose it to other tanks if you start at same time, bc they front load a lot better then we do.

05-06-2009, 09:49 AM
Overall, Wazdaa hit what is probably your problem - the druid can frontload threat faster at the start. If he can hold it, you don't have chances to generate Rune Strikes, which are an important way to build threat. I have similar issues when I'm competing with warriors/paladins, when they open with a Shield Slam/Shield of the Righteous and I can't catch up. Generating tanking threat requires the target be attacking you, not merely you attacking the target. Otherwise, you can't use all your abilities (ie, Rune Strike) to build threat.


Spec - Doable. Runic Power Master may seem silly, but you can generate 3 Frost Strikes (at/near full RP), even 4 if you glyph for Frost Strike. You can adjust talents, but I don't feel it would be critical.

Imp Icy Talons - This is still useful for tanks, as haste helps generate more melee swings, which means more chances to use Rune Strike. Other classes (Shaman) can bring the 20% haste buff, but you can get 25% for yourself, whenever you use Icy Touch.

Glyphs - I would drop DnD for Obliterate. If you still have issues, drop UA for Frost Strike. Keep IBF, as it is currently VERY good with ~45% bonus mitigation at 540 defense. I found UA to be okay, but IBF is superiour for the short cooldown.

Also, look at macro'ing Runestrike into several abilities. Example macro:

#show Obliterate
/cast Obliterate
/cast Rune Strike

That will generate an error message, and I don't recall the commands to avoid the error text. It will, however, try to generate an RS whenever you Obliterate, which is a vital threat generation tool. You may want to look at Scent of Blood and/or Chill of the Grave to make sure you have enough RP to be able to use Rune Strike and Frost Strike continuously.

Gems - Replace both parry/stamina gems with expertise/stamina (purple) or hit/stamina (green). Both would improve your TPS. Note that parry is expensive for the avoidance it gives, especially with how much parry DKs have from Forceful Deflection already & diminishing returns.

05-06-2009, 10:39 AM
The above posters definitely hit the nail on the head. Get black ice, get frost strike and get oblit glyph. While imp icy talons is nice, a shaman can provide the same buff, and there are other talents that are better for a tank.

Feel free to check out my armory link. Personally, I run with oblit, frost strike, and UA glyph. I also have points into subversion so that my oblit crits more often, which results in nice threat. I have no threat problems at all, and I will even pull threat from my other tanks if I am not careful (Patch almost chewed me a new one the other night because i was ping-ponging from 1st to 2nd).

Edit: And most definitely macro in RS to all your other moves. This helps tremendously in keeping with your rotation, as well as freeing up time to hit ur CDs when need be.