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05-05-2009, 10:48 AM
The game of WOW comes with a lot of ways to entertain yourself, including the ability to annoy other players. Clearly there are some that log on and make that their sole mission for a certain amount of time. It never ceases to amaze me the level of dicketry people can aspire to when sitting behind a computer. So, in no particular order I thought I'd put down some thing I've found annoying having played the game the past few years.

1. Trains. Once a cute thing to do on a gnome character has increasingly become a bain of many players. Get a crowd of people together and be certain someone will pop down their little toy, even banding together with others to combat the train wreckers out there. I don't mind people having their fun, I can ctrl-s but I do find it annoying; especially people who decide to put one down in the middle of a RL explanation to a fight.

2. Portals/Mole Machines. How often have you been waiting for the portal to spawn for WG and someone feels the need to spawn a portal to Exodar over it or a mole machine in an attempt to get people to misclick to them vs. the WG portal. Why are there even mole machines in the game, do people really need to get to the bar in BRD that quickly anymore? Thankfully I've not fallen victim to either, although several nicely placed ones have caused me to pause for a bit to ensure I'm clicking correctly.

3. NPC Hiding. People that have no sense of the size of their mounts or purposely hide NPC's. Look at me I have a big mamoth and can park it on top of the flight master or repair guy so people who dont' know to click ctrl-v can't access him. This is exceptionally annoying in neutral areas where a player of an opposing faction will block an NPC in an attempt to get the opposing faction player to misclick and hit them forcing an NPC rape of the offending character much to the amusment of the person covering up the NPC.

4. Sapping in neutral areas. I think I read that this has been fixed, but prior to that people and their level 30 rogues hiding and repeatedly sapping you as there isn't anything you can do about it without NPC agro and there was no diminishing return. Waiting on a boat in Booty Bay or tooling around Gadget were routine areas for this.

5. Camping of NPCs. Certain quests require a killing of certain NPC's, often these are not shared quests amoung factions and if you've leveled toons on both sides you will know when one is an objective of one or the other. By simply waiting for the NPC to spawn and tagging it before the other guy can get to it you are requiring that person to wait for the respawn. Now in Northrend and to a lesser extent Outland the respawn timers are usually pretty quick (i.e. Boglash, Flame guy for new daily) however in other cases you can be waiting several minutes for the NPC to respawn. I've come across a few instances where people will kill the NPC simply to deny you of that kill or will be in stealth mode and kill the spawned NPC without partnering with you making you wait again for the spawn. On a PVP server, a kill of the player would usually solve this however on a PVE server there's nothing you can do except move on and come back after that player has gotten bored.

6. Attempts to flag. Many of these tricks have been fixed as well, prior to it would be common practice for players of the opposing faction to trick others into flagging themselves in order to kill them. Allies would come up to Hillsbrad, duel next to horde players and put down snake traps and once the snakes would agro to the horde player, they would be flagged thus prey to the sneaky ally. There's also the "hey can you come in here and help me for a sec?" ploy where someone of your own faction will lure an unsuspecting player into an arena, thus making them a killable target.

7. Killing a player(s) before they finish their quest. Still popular to this day on PVP servers, how many of you have been one one of those God forsaken chicken/turtle escort quests only to be ganked in the middle or close to the end of it causing you to start over? This was also a popular event to do during a few SMV questa where you had to summon the Fire Guy, or you took possession of Terron.

These are just random ones and I'm sure I could come up with more if I wanted to sit here longer, but feel free to add ones I may have missed.

05-05-2009, 11:00 AM
Whiners. In any chat channel.

Sap-dancing is fun, btw. You find some dumb ally running by, sap him/her and dance until sap is over. Then Vanish and on to next victim.

Oh and hunters who thinks that their need for a rare pet out-trumps my need for an achievement and some goodies. They annoy me too.

:D S

05-06-2009, 08:51 PM
My biggest annoyance is probably excessive time between trash pulls or wipes when it's unnecessary. Just standing around staring at mobs when no one is talking on vent, moving just afking. Makes me want to smash my head into my keyboard.

05-06-2009, 09:24 PM
Number 2 I do all the time. (Yes, I giggled too)

As for Number 4, Sap is on the DR so I'm not really sure what you're talking about maybe it's something I'm not getting but yes I sap people to annoy them.

Let's see. What annoys me.

-People locking items in heroics.
-People going "STFU this is a trade channel." if there's just someone answering a question
-People acting like they are all pro in BGs, like I battle a rogue and he dominates me, he saps me out of stealth, he opens on me etc. I get it, this is lost and I'm just standing there but instead of just finishing me off he's doing all sorts of pro shit moves that he apparently saw in a Neilyo video and has to copy to feel cool.
-People in groups that get a summon, all people are in the instance and suddenly they go "Shit gtg" -> XXX has left the group.
As you mentioned "Look at me I got a fat mammoth, haha"-people.
-People that bind emotes to skills
-People that have RP macros with /says in it.
-Paladins (:()

05-07-2009, 06:25 AM

05-07-2009, 06:53 AM
1) Trade channel asshattery

2) People who quit early in BG's

3) The Raid forming system in Wintergrasp

05-07-2009, 04:38 PM
Probably the anal +spellX spam in trade or maybe the thunderfury spam in trade when I'm LFM for a raid or heroic :(

And my guildmates always enable the pirate speech mod that alters everything you type. And recently they found a mod that adds "Like a Boss" at the end of everything they type. QQ

05-07-2009, 04:54 PM
HP adds interrupting my Tankspot goodness

06-05-2009, 10:36 AM
Gotta love when your waiting for the Wintergrasp Portal and a Mage decides to cast a portal to Stonard. Ugh! :p

06-05-2009, 02:21 PM
BG AFKers. Not quite as bad nowadays, but remember when every BG had a significant people doing whatever they could to *not* play?

Badly designed incentive system is bad.

06-05-2009, 05:13 PM
BG AFKers. Not quite as bad nowadays, but remember when every BG had a significant people doing whatever they could to *not* play?

Badly designed incentive system is bad.

Especially AV, before they introduced that debuff in 2.3 (I think?). When I was playing on Norgannon (Stormstrike BG i think?), it was not uncommon to have 15-on-15, and the remaining 50 players afk jumping in the caves.

06-06-2009, 04:45 PM
People who say 'plox'

06-07-2009, 11:48 AM
1. Getting frost nova'd while bladestorming. There's nothing more retarded or frustrating than spinning in one spot while all your victims run and start hitting you with ranged attacks.


3. Blessing of freedom + chains of ice.

06-07-2009, 11:51 AM
People who constantly and nonstop call out their "greatness" in vent:
"Wow..I just crit for..."
"Im so good at this game.."
endless dribble like that made by people with low self esteem that need
to remind us at every moment how wonderfully great they are and how
lucky we are to play with them make me wanna kick puppies

06-08-2009, 04:08 AM
While even the most annoying of the examples above can be - somewhat - funny the first time you encounter it by the second time 'the funny' is expired. If you then consider how often this stuff is encountered worldwide...

I think Penny Arcade sums it up perfectly:

http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2004/20040319h.jpg (http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/03/19/)