View Full Version : From 25 guild to 10 men group

05-04-2009, 05:31 AM
Hello anyone who reads that. Recently I decided to swap my PvE retadin (T4-T8) for my prot warrior and xfer back to RP realm I used to play on. My likeminded real life buddy liked that idea and after some talk, we ended up with idea of creating 10 men raid group on said RP realm. We are currently at the process of building site, writing up the catch-up article and linig up the ideal future. There is only thing we are quite unsure of, and that is setup. If you please could read onwards and place your suggestions or experience to any points I will make:

- we will be group uniting players from different guilds, therefore you don't need to leave your guild to progress with us
- we aim to have roster of 12-13 people to have supply for RL emergencies and some flexibility where needed
- we want to raid 3x3 hours a week, not more
- loot system selected is raid coucil, with officer votes being superior in disputes
- we want to go for hardmodes and achievments as well

Main lineup we came up with:
Warrior - me, dualspecceed for DPS
Deathknight - unsure about spec

Paladin - my real life buddy
Druid - prefferably with Balance offspec
Shaman - dps offspec highly preffered

Paladin - because I know what ret brings if played properly
Elemental shaman - second set of totems and hit
Mage - arcane / fire spec
Warlock - best spec I can think of is affliction, hard to play out properly
Shadow priest - to complete buff set and add some debuffs

Thanks for any advices, corrections...