View Full Version : [EU] Bronzebeard <The Belonging Kind> Casual

04-29-2009, 02:43 AM
We are looking for players who wants to start casual raiding. We start with Naxx and move from there.

We are looking for players who can accept:

0% required attendance.
Can play with varied skilled players without getting frustrated
Can accept smaller unplanned breaks.
Pugged in add players to fill unattended sports.
That people have a life outside of WOW.
All ages of players
We are NOT looking for players who:

Dont come to the raid because they are bored
Complains about loot rules for 30 min in an instance.
Want to get Uldar25 tomorrow
Dont watch "The guild" :)
We are currently accepting all classes/specs. Please send a in game message to JohnnyRock.