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04-28-2009, 09:53 PM
So as a level 80 I'm expected to be full of gold. However, daily I notice I am not. I go between 7s and 500g, but I feel like I never actually have any gold.

I'm a miner/BS, and my server's mining market is crap. Saronite ore stacks were down to 15g, which is terrible. And it's not worth prospecting, in that the minute you post a gem, it'll get undercut by like 10g, and yours won't sell.

So I'm asking the wonderful tankspot community for help in making gold. A RL friend has 33k, and I have 500. I don't know what else to do.

04-28-2009, 11:26 PM
And it's not worth prospecting, in that the minute you post a gem, it'll get undercut by like 10g, and yours won't sell.

Using the AH to sell things is as much about what time you put it on as anything. I find that if I list something early in the day, it won't sell, and someone else will quickly undercut me. If I list something in the evening time, it sells faster and people rarely undercut me. I think trying to sell something at a time when there's a high volume of buyers online is a great idea.

04-29-2009, 12:00 AM
Simple answer: Dailies.

Slightly longer answer: if you're dead set on making money from the AH, it depends on what realm you're on. If the realm is a new/low pop realm then I would guess trade mats and other crafting materials will be most expensive. If the realm is med/high pop and has a raiding community, you can make a TON of money from fishing/cooking and making lots of lovely buff food. I can sell the +40 str food for 100g a stack on my server.

04-29-2009, 12:08 AM
give your saronite ores to a jc to prospect for gems and sell the results to AH..
mine a lot for titanium and use it to smelt titanstell or give to a enchanter to make enchants for tankies..

04-29-2009, 01:04 AM
i agree with bulk, dailies are one of the best ways to get gold

the new argent tournament event alone gives u about 150g a day

plus it gives u rep with silver covenant / horde equivalent

04-29-2009, 01:34 AM
Argent Tournament champion's daily quest are really nice, with 13g reward + 10g additional reward. If you are patient and trying to get champion's status with other capitals, you can do valaint's quest alonside champion's, 2 of the have the same objectives, meaning you get yet another 13g. Its very boring, but the amount of gold for time spent is the ebst possible, except for some very skilful AH playing.

05-04-2009, 02:22 AM
I'm actually in a similar boat, or was to be more precise. As the MT for a progression guild as well as being a fulltime collge student, I rarely had time to go out and farm for gold often, meaning that the dailies I did do covered my repair costs and the cost of new gems/chants.
What I would do when I was hard up for some gold was go out to a mostly deserted zone (never sholazar - good nodes, lots of competition) and farm up about as much ore as I could, usually cobalt, and then go make a bunch of shoulders and thowing stars to get DE'd by a guildie/random chanter in (insert name of hotspot town, Org on my server) and then toss them up on the AH for the same price as the lowest bidder. Dont undercut. Most people will buy mats up in bulk anyways, so its a good way to make some fast gold. Another method is instead of selling the raw mats, get someone to make some vellums and get chants made to sell on the AH or via trade. All you have to do is pay attention to whats in demand on your server, and your bound to make a killing.

Another option is to get someone to prospect your ore, get the gems cut and then sell them. Str, agi, spell power, hit, crit, expertise are all very popular gems; just take a gander at whats selling hot on your AH. People are getting new gear now, and while some guilds will supply all gems and cuts for free for their raiders, not all do, and many people are in the business of pugging with 3 or 4 different guilds (i.e. I used to run 10 naxx with guild A, 10 man VOA and Sarth with guild B, and all the 25 man content with guild C - all guilds needed a tank, but I didnt want to be recruited and tied down to one guild. This is a popular practice on low pop servers in my experience) so they have to rely on the AH to get stuff upgraded.

Your best bet though (since your AH sounds like its cutthroat) is to go do dailies. Like someone else said, the argent dailies yield 13+g per daily, and there is usually something like 9 -14 dailies out there. It stacks up quick and can be hammered out in about 30-90 min. Then make a quick trip over to the storm peaks for the hodir dailies. After that I make sure to get the cooking daily as I usually get 3-4 spice from the bag, an extra token, and the token as the main reward. I will cash in one token for spices and then send it to an alt to accumulate. Once I get a full stack I will sell it on the AH or to a guild to cover their feasts.

While your out and about doing the dailies, you can farm up a variety of meat. I can usually get a stack without going out of my way, and this can either be sold raw or cooked. Once again, check your AH for the most popular foods, or check with some of the high end guilds on your server. I know of one guild on mine (that I sometimes supply) will buy any bulk amounts of food you have, especially worm, rhino, dragonfin angelfish, and the fish required to make the feats. They will pay even more for it to be cooked ahead of time and will also buy up your spices from the cooking dailies.
Once you know your choice of meat, go and farm it up! As I said before, rhinos and worms are parts of some popular foods (rhinolicious being my fav) and I have my personal farming spots where I like to go for an hour or until my bags fill up.

A final note (b/c I know I'm rambling) is to pick up all grey items, b/c I have discovered that alot of people dont. I know they clutter up your bag, but nothing beats making 40g from selling a bunch of frozen plate and grey maces. Take the greens that you might have been vendoring and get them DE'd once you have a bunch (20+).

All these things are different things you can do, besides not spending your gold frivolously. I know when I drop in gold, I can usually trace it back to buying something stupid (like lvl 60 BS plans >.<)

05-04-2009, 08:00 AM
Level a DK alt. Just questing makes a ton of gold and you can use him to mule tradeskills.

Fishing isn't bad in that it requires zero investment or leveling cost. Just time consuming.

05-04-2009, 08:22 AM
One of my first goals of LK was get my motorcycle made. Back then the ore market was rich and stable and I could charge 500+g per titansteel bar (after I was done making the required 12.)

Now in the economic crash of the mining (and consequently the JC market isn't much better off) market, I've turned to dailies. Granted, this doesn't help the market...

1. LK Cooking Daily (requires a good cooking skill)
2. LK Fishing daily (requires pretty much 450 fishing, the Kulu'alak pole is helpful)
3. Argent Tournament Dailies - You start off with 5, then 6, then eventually 10 if you include the arena-building dailies. You can also turn a profit off the champ seals if you know some tricks and the right buyer.
4. Faction-esque Dalies - Sons of Hodir have from 3-6, there's another one for the brunnildar. Even the frostborn have a daily that's relatively quick and painless (eagle vs. drake). Wyrmrest have a bunch...and of course, let's not forget the plethora on the airships and Ebon Hold vs. the scarlets.

I'll be honest, I stop at 3, and rarely do the arena building quests. It pays my bills, and every so often I get 100g for a junk bell in the fishing daily.

There are other oppertunities. I know on our server, the thorium market is high (75g for 20 zomg) only because there's one or two people actively farming it. In which case, there's lots of RTV (rich thorium veins) with your name on it. Undercut and sell sell sell.

In addition, leveling an alt (as H said) is also perfect oppertunity if you set it up right. Though it does require investment. My shaman is an Herb/skinner. I kept saying that once I got enough cash, I'd convert to leatherworking or inscription (with it's matching gather). However, now that I've got her upgraded - she makes so much money that I can't bare to grind a crafting profession.

If you can run heroics, frozen orbs seem 'frozen' at 70 gold for 2 instance runs. If you're friends with a JC, you can (other then prospect the ore) buy red badge-gems and get the spellpower cut for a good amount of g. If you're running 25naxx/ulduar10 regularly, then you'll have a pile of valorous badges left over to give a good couple-hundred/thousand g boost for those BoE bracers.

There's still a few ways to bleed the market, you just have to get creative. I looked into farming Bijous on my warrior (bouncing between prot/arms allows you to get almost all the trash and some bosses done) and the profit is high (20/per, plus decent cash and 4.50 a coin) unfortunately the turnaround time is too long for someone who likes to log in and have all bought auctions in the mailbox and not having to repost stuff over and over again.

If you flux between a couple silver and 500g, then I'd say the issue is 'maintaining' your cash flow as much as it is 'getting it.' For example, buying herbs (when cheaper) and getting a flask master to do your flasks can pay dividends in procs. Same thing with fishing/cooking up your own food buffs (when fish isn't provided, or when it comes time to donate to the fish-feaster.)

Other then 'being cheap' (without being outragiously cheap and a hinderance to others) another solution to cash flow is making a 'ye olde' bank toon. You know, from the days before we had guild banks? Instead of wasting time (and hearth stones) plop a low-level alt in the main city (preferably one with the shortest distance between bank, mailbox, and AH) and just ship them all the stuff you gathered, and post it on the AH. You can upgrade bags, and bank slots, but that's a 'spend money to make money' solution.

Those are my tips for now.

05-04-2009, 07:09 PM
If you're out of dailies there's always the Isle of Quel'Danas to run.