View Full Version : Horde-pve us - weekend daytime raiding

04-27-2009, 08:33 AM
We are a Horde guild on Antonidas. Because of our locations,work schedules or just because, we raid 25 man content on the weekend from 10am-3pm, server time US PST.

We also run two 10 man crews during the week , one at 11 am server and the other at 6 server.

We have all pre 3.1 content on farm - minus 3 drake Sarth. Progression in Ulduar has been stalled do to a need for solid healers. We have the loot pinata down pat, aka Flame Leviathan. Our daytime 10 man crew has 4/14 bosses down.

Basically we're looking for a few more we don't have to carry. We're looking for laid back people that want to kill things. Could use another geared healer, a few dps and maybe a tank...all who can move out of things :D.

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