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04-26-2009, 01:52 PM
Cursed Fate/Alliance/Ravencrest/us

Cursed Fateseeks members who want to contribute to our guild community and work us advance to wow end-game content. (Note: if there ever is an END lol :eek:Hope not!) We pride ourselves on the quality of our members. We are dedicated to providing a mature and entertaining gaming experience!

If you are someone who is willing to contribute, someone who can commit and follow through on those commitments, someone who is honest and loyal, someone who enjoys being a team player and helping others, then your time with us will be a success for all. (Note: you can have bad days I do lol :cool:)

We are looking for committed players that want to progress. Players that are level 80 and have been gearing themselves to tackle endgame content. We are looking for raiders!

Currently we do not have the required member to Raid without having to pug!

What we need:
- Any Tank

- Any Healers

- Any DPS

You get our drift!

Raid Times:

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Central Standard Time (CST)


Monday - Thursday 6pm to 11am server.
Friday 6pm to 12am server.

Saturday Open.

Sunday Open.

Times we are looking to develop!

Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Pacific Standard Time (PST)


Monday - Thursday TBA server.
Friday TBA server.

Saturday TBA.

Sunday TBA.

Zulu Time Breakdown for Military overseas.

Listed below are times in Zulu were we will have raids that you can join!

Monday -Thursday 2400 to 0400 more times to come!
Friday 2300 to 0500 more times to come!

Saturday Open.

Sunday Open.

Any one wanting to help us establish more Raid is welcome, especially our Military wowheads! Although our raiding schedule is far from “hardcore”, our raiding atmosphere and environment are focused and efficient.