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04-25-2009, 04:38 PM
Dear Potential Recruit:

Are you an adult with a real life and a family/career/graduate thesis?

Do you want to raid when your kids/career/graduate thesis is watching Saturday morning Cartoons?

Do you like the idea of 1-2 raid days because you simply don't have anymore time to be on consistently?

Are you a DPSer/Healer that can consistently deliver 3-4kDPS/sweet life giving nectar?

We are Brethren, we have kept a very tight knit atmosphere for 3 years, through a recruitment process that works to ensure people not only are comfortable with our raid schedule but also have a personality that will mesh with our group.

We won't claim to be working on any server firsts, because that would be a blatant blatant lie, I would feel safe to claim that our raid environment is more fun than your raid environment, and we do it while moving forward in progression.

We like to recruit people in groups, it usually allows people to have more fun playing with their brother/best friend/ spouse/graduate thesis. So if you and your brother or spouse have similiar goals/raid schedules/play styles. We will probably be a good fit.

Because of the difficulty level of Ulduar we do have a few things we must require to also ensure that we keep moving forward:

You should:

Be able to make most/all raids Saturdays at 8:30 AM PST / 11:30 EST


Do 3-4K DPS minimum *or*

Be able to produce healing output that allows you to heal your targets effectively without running OOM constantly.

Connect and speak on vent, if you aren't interested in vent; you are missing the best part of brethren and as such would not be a good fit.

Class wise:
Death Knights: Low Need
Druids: Feral DPS / low need
Hunter: High Need. We have one that is also a priest
Mage: Very low need, we could probably use a fire mage if any
Paladin: 1 Holy / High
Priest: Very low need: May have room for 1 Discipline
Rogues: Low Need
Shamans: High Need
Warlocks: Medium
Warriors: 1 DPS spot

Also we would like hybrids that are also geared and dual speced to tank if needed.

Note that if you do not meet the class/gear/spec requirements, we may be willing to work with you if you are a very good fit for us.

We prefer to get to know people on vent before a ginvite is sent out. Send in-game mail to Udderside, Paramount, Cenwein, Rusoro, Phemale, or Dementer to arrange this. brethrenhorde.com

Thanks for reading, and feel free to bump!

04-27-2009, 06:43 PM
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