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Info on The Sundering

WebSite: The Sundering (http://www.The-Sundering.com)
RaidTimes: Sun-Wed 5.45pm PST Start time. with 10 man options thurs-sat
Progression: Heroic Glory of the Raider, Immortal 13/14 Ulduar
Hard Modes: 4 Flame, XT & Hodir
Server:Cenaruis Mid/High Pop. PVE PST time zone
Focus: Ulduar

Good Afternoon Raiders.

The Sundering is currently looking for an experienced RAID LEADER! This will be a co raid leader officer position. Players must have an extensive understanding of class mechanics and raiding encounters for 10/25 man content. Applicants must be upbeat in demeanor, motivational and have an assertive leadership style. You will be responsible for a 10 man group on off nights and assist our Raid Leader in building and posting strats.

The Sundering has been raiding on Cenaruis since the launch of vanillia WoW, Nov 24,2004. We were the first Alliance guild on the server to achieve Heroic Glory of the Raider and are looking for a Co Raid Leadership to help continue our success.

Cenaruis is one of the top Progression PVE servers. It is an excellent server for raiders of all time zones with plenty of instancing opportunities available to its players. Because of the amount of people on this server there is almost 24 hours 10 man and heroic instancing.

Located below is a list of requirements and expectations:

1. Must have extensive raiding knowledge and be familiar with Ulduar 10/25-man raiding content.
2. Must be able to talk on vent, knowledgeable about raid details and able to explain fights when necessary.
3. Must be knowledgeable about many classes and specs in a raid environment.
4. Must be assertive and have the ability to lead both 10/25-man raids.
5. Must KNOW how too separate yourself from guildies and be able to show NO impartiality to any one person; everyone is treated equally on raids.
6. Must be adaptive and able to improvise.
7. Must be a motivator! If you can't motivate people to attend your raids, then there is no one to lead. You must be a motivated individual and you must also know how to motivate others to attend your raids with using little or no detrimental consequences to those that do not attend.
8. Must be a confident leader, but not a jackass.
9. In order to lead any group of people you must first gain their trust. The first way to go about doing that in The Sundering is to show loyalty to the guild that many of us has shown for years; get in the guild, show your loyalty and duty to the guild, and respect and trust will be earned. So the requirement is, you must be loyal to the guild; that is, no other mains in other guilds, no alts in other guilds, you must show that you're in the position for the guild and dedicating 100% of what you have for the benefit of seeing end-game from a group of highly motivated individuals.

I look forward to speaking with all of you about this raiding opportunity. Please feel free to contact Genevri, Lynarii, Petrol, Trinity or Pogo. You can also email at Joann_JDAW@yahoo.com (Joann_JDAW@yahoo.com)

Good Luck and have a great day!

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Also, were currently recruiting:

1 x Mage
1 x Holy Priest/Disc 2nd spec
1 x Warlock
1 x DK Tank/ Dps 2nd spec