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04-25-2009, 03:05 AM
Fright is recruiting!

Fright is looking for skilled players to join our pursuit of endless glory! Before I shoot off the whole rant, here’s what we’re looking for!

http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_priest.gifShadow Priest x2
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_paladin.gifHoly Paladin x3
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_rogue.gifMutilate Rogue x1
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_rogue.gifCombat Rogue x1
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_druid.gifRestoration Druid x2
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_shaman.gifElemental Shaman x2
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_hunter.gifBM/SBV Hunter x1
http://www.wowfright.org/phpBB3/images/icons/class/IconSmall_DeathKnight.gifBlood DeathKnight x1

All other class application will be taken into consideration.

Raid Status :

Naxxramas10/25 : Farm
Eye of Eternity10/25 : Farm
Obsidian Sanctum10/25 : Farm
Ulduar10 : First 7 Bosses Clear
Ulduar25 : Only 1 Boss Clear

What we’re asking of you:

You must be a mature, active player, who’s able to join a raid from 19:30 to at least 23:00.

You must have raiding experience.

You must have gear to match your goals in this game (Saying, I want to kill
Arthas!1oneone1 in full blue leveling gear is probably not the best approach.)

You must be able to financially sustain yourself (You have the funds to gem and enchant your gear, be able to bring flasks, pots and food buff to ALL raids)

You must have a great sense of humor.

You must be able to attend at least half our 25 man raids.

Who we are:

We’re a guild led by no single guild master. There basically isn’t a rank named guild master or anything like that. We are lead by a council of 5 dedicated, mature and extremely experienced officers. Each council member had to meet the same requirements: at least 2 years of experience, must have extreme raiding experience and previous officer or higher status. Not required to be on this server, but previous experience must be proven before accepted.

Luckily, the 5 council members vary from 3-4 years of experience with the game, with major raiding experience.

Second in command are the 9 class leaders (One for each class, didn’t see that one coming, did ya?). The purpose of this rank is to guide, instruct and scold if needed be, one’s own class. Responsibility for one or two mistakes will be placed on the player who’s failing. Repeating mistakes will be blamed on the class leader, so as you can guess, they’re required to make an effort for their class.

Where :

wowfright.org (http://wowfright.org)

04-28-2009, 11:22 PM
Updated Recruitment Status

04-29-2009, 04:32 PM
Updated Ulduar status :

7 Bosses down on 10 man, got The Siege of Ulduar now.